Fifth Council of Lateran
Fifth Council of Lateran

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    Attacks on Cardinals, Taxes, Closing the Council
    Against those attacking the houses of cardinals
    Constitution imposing taxes and closing the council
    Bull renewing and confirming the Constitution
    against not committing the evil of simony when electing the Roman pontiff
    Inserted constitution
    Condemnation of every proposition contrary to the truth of the enlightened christian faith
    On arranging peace between christian princes and on bringing back the Bohemians who reject the faith
    Bull on reform
    The pope urges christian rulers to make peace among themselves so that an expedition against the enemies of the christian faith may be possible
    Bull on reform of the curia
    On cardinals
    Reforms of the curia and of other things
    On the reform of credit organisations (Montes pietatis)
    Bull against exempt persons, in which are included some points regarding ecclesiastical liberty and episcopal dignity
    On printing books
    On setting a date for those acknowledging the Pragmatic Sanction
    On how to preach
    Bull containing agreements between the pope and the most christian king of France, on the Pragmatic
    On the abrogation of the Pragmatic Sanction
    On religious and their privileges