Council of Basel
Council of Basel

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    Establishment of the Council of Basel

    Establishment of the holy council of Basel
    Purpose of the council of Basel
    Decree that the council of Basel is legitimately begun

    Bull of union with the Syrians

    Impossibility of the dissolution of the council is decreed

    Bull of union with the Chaldeans and the Maronites of Cyprus

    Safe conduct for participants and provision for the election

    of the apostolic see during the council if necessary

    If the apostolic see becomes vacant while the council is in progress
    the election may not be held outside the council

    On general councils

    Decree that there ought to be only one council
    For the permanent validity of the authority of general councils
    That everybody is free to come to the council
    The council explains the phrase about prorogation of the council, and
    That the council may not be dissolved or moved without the express
    That the place of the council should be chosen a month before the
    That the electors of a pope before entering the conclave shall swear
    That this decree should be published in synods

    Decree on elections and confirmations of bishops and prelates

    On provincial and synodal councils

    On the admission of the presidents into the council

    in the name of the lord pope Eugenius IV

    On the renewal of the decree of the council of Constance

    about the authority and power of general councils

    On union with the Greeks and conversion of non-Christians

    On the agreement between the council and the Greeks about union
    Agreement of the deputies of the sacred council with the ambassadors
    Decree on Jews and neophytes
    About those who desire conversion to the faith

    Decree on concubinaries

    Excommunicates are not to be shunned unless specifically named
    Interdicts are not to be imposed lightly

    On annates and on the Mass

    On annates
    About those in peaceful possession
    How the divine office is to be celebrated in church
    The times at which each one should be in choir
    How the canonical hours should be recited outside choir
    About those who wander about the church during services
    About a notice-board hanging in the choir
    On those who at mass do not complete the creed, or sing songs, or say
    About those who pledge divine worship
    On holding chapters at the same time as the principal' mass
    On not performing spectacles in churches

    On the condemnation of the book of friar Augustine of Rome,

    archbishop of Nazareth

    On the election of the supreme pontiff

    On the profession of the supreme pontiff
    Form of consent
    On the number and qualities of cardinals
    On elections
    On reservations
    On Clementine "Letters"

    About business with the Greeks and about indulgences, etc.

    Safe-conduct for the Greeks given by the sacred council of Basel to

    On the places for the future ecumenical council for the Greeks

    Decree translating the council at Basel to Ferrara

    Declaration of cardinal Nicholas Albergati, president of the council
    On the legitimate continuation of the council of Ferrara, against the

    Ecclesiastical penalties against members of the Basel synod

    Eugenius IV and the fathers of the council at Ferrara

    declare the council at Ferrara to be legitimate and ecumenical

    Decree translating the council of Ferrara to Florence

    Definition of the holy ecumenical synod of Florence

    Definition of the holy ecumenical synod of Florence

    Bull of union with the Armenians

    Monition of the council of Florence against the antipope Felix V

    Eugenius IV exhorts the members of the synod at Basel

    Bull of union with the Copts

    Eugenius IV convokes the Lateran council,