Council of Constance
Council of Constance

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    Sentence dissolving the council, and the granting of indulgences

    Decrees of the council, concerning its authority and integrity,

    Sentence condemning various articles of John Wyclif

    Condemnation of Wyclif's books

    Condemnation of 260 other articles of Wyclif

    The council pronounces John Wyclif a heretic,
    condemns his memory and orders his bones to be exhumed

    Decree stating that the process for electing a pope,
    if the see happens to be vacant,
    may not begin without the council's express consent

    Sentence deposing Pope John XXIII

    Decree to the effect that none of the three contenders
    for the papacy may be re-elected as pope

    That no priest, under pain of excommunication,
    may communicate the people under the forms of both bread and wine

    Decree stating that the election of the Roman pontiff
    is to be made in the manner and form to be laid down by the sacred council,
    and that the council shall not be dissolved until the election
    of the next Roman pontiff has been made

    The council approves Gregory XII's resignation

    Articles of John Wyclif selected from the 260

    Sentence against John Hus

    Sentence of degradation against J. Hus

    Sentence condemning J. Hus to the stake

    Condemned articles of J. Hus

    Sentence condemning John Petit's proposition, "Any tyrant-

    Provision to guard against future schisms

    On the profession to be made by the pope

    That prelates may not be translated without their consent

    On spoils and procurations

    That the election of the Roman pontiff may be begun,
    not with standing the absence of Peter de Luna's cardinals

    On the manner and form of electing the pope

    On exemptions

    On unions and incorporations

    On intercalary fruits

    On simoniacs

    On dispensations

    On tithes and other dues

    On the life and probity of clerics

    The exposition of the 150 fathers