1 God Has Spoken by His Son
The Son Is Superior to Angels
2 Warning to Pay Attention
Exaltation through Abasement
3 Moses a Servant, Christ a Son
Warning against Unbelief
4 The Rest That God Promised
Jesus the Great High Priest
5 Warning against Falling Away
6 The Peril of Falling Away
The Certainty of God's Promise
7 The Priestly Order of Melchizedek
Another Priest, Like Melchizedek
8 Mediator of a Better Covenant
9 The Earthly and the Heavenly Sanctuaries
Christ's Sacrifice Takes Away Sin
10 Christ's Sacrifice Once for All
A Call to Persevere
11 The Meaning of Faith
The Examples of Abel, Enoch, and Noah
The Faith of Abraham
The Faith of Moses
The Faith of Other Israelite Heroes
12 The Example of Jesus
Warnings against Rejecting God's Grace
13 Service Well-Pleasing to God
Final Exhortation and Greetings

Nova Vulgata - Lateinische
Biblia del Pueblo di Dio (BPD) - Spanische
Vulgata - Stuttgart 1969 - Lateinische
Bíblia Sagrada Ave-Maria (1957) - Portugiesisch
La Sainte Bible (Crampon 1904) - Französische
CEI (1974) - Italienische
EinheitsÜbersetzung der Heiligen Sc - Deutsche