1 From Adam to Abraham
From Abraham to Jacob
2 The Sons of Israel and the Descendants of Judah
3 Descendants of David and Solomon
4 Descendants of Judah
Descendants of Simeon
5 Descendants of Reuben
Descendants of Gad
The Half-Tribe of Manasseh
6 Descendants of Levi
Musicians Appointed by David
Settlements of the Levites
7 Descendants of Issachar
Descendants of Benjamin
Descendants of Naphtali
Descendants of Manasseh
Descendants of Ephraim
Descendants of Asher
8 Descendants of Benjamin
9 Inhabitants of Jerusalem after the Exile
Priestly Families
Levitical Families
The Family of King Saul
10 Death of Saul and His Sons
11 David Anointed King of All Israel
Jerusalem Captured
David's Mighty Men and Their Exploits
12 David's Followers in the Wilderness
David's Army at Hebron
13 The Ark Brought from Kiriath-jearim
14 David Established at Jerusalem
Defeat of the Philistines
15 The Ark Brought to Jerusalem
16 The Ark Placed in the Tent
David's Psalm of Thanksgiving
Regular Worship Maintained
17 God's Covenant with David
David's Prayer
18 David's Kingdom Established and Extended
David's Administration
19 Defeat of the Ammonites and Arameans
20 Siege and Capture of Rabbah
Exploits against the Philistines
21 The Census and Plague
David's Altar and Sacrifice
The Place Chosen for the Temple
22 David Prepares to Build the Temple
David's Charge to Solomon and the Leaders
23 Families of the Levites and Their Functions
24 Divisions of the Priests
Other Levites
25 The Temple Musicians
26 The Gatekeepers
The Treasurers, Officers, and Judges
27 The Military Divisions
Leaders of Tribes
Other Civic Officials
28 Solomon Instructed to Build the Temple
29 Offerings for Building the Temple
David's Praise to God
Solomon Anointed King
Summary of David's Reign

Nova Vulgata - Lateinische
Biblia del Pueblo di Dio (BPD) - Spanische
Vulgata - Stuttgart 1969 - Lateinische
Bíblia Sagrada Ave-Maria (1957) - Portugiesisch
La Sainte Bible (Crampon 1904) - Französische
CEI (1974) - Italienische
EinheitsÜbersetzung der Heiligen Sc - Deutsche