Quas primas EN
  • Quas Primas
  • On the Feast of Christ the King
  • Encyclical of Pope Pius XI
  • December 11, 1925

  • Headings

    8 In the Old Testament
    10 In the New Testament
    12 C) In the Liturgy
    13 D) The fundation
    14 The nature and meaning of this Lordship
    15 This Kingdom is spiritual
    17 Authority in civil affairs
    18 This empire embraces the individual and the family and the State
    21 III. The institution of a special feast
    22 The meaning of new festivals
    24 The plague of laicism
    25 The new festival
    27 Place in the Holy Year
    28 Place in the liturgical Year and dedication to the Sacred Heart
    30 The blessings which we hope
    31 A) For the Church
    32 B) For the nations
    33 C) For the faithful