Ephraim, Apapphrat 1142


1. The Evil One wailed “Where now, is there a place for me to flee to from the righteous? I stirred up Death to slay the Apostles, that I might be safe from their blows. By their deaths now more exceedingly am I cruelly beaten. The Apostle whom I slew in India is before me in Edessa: he is here wholly and also there. I went there, there was he: here and there I have found him and been grieved.”

 R., Blessed is the might that dwells in the hallowed bones!

2. The bones that merchantmen carried, or was it then that they carried him? For lo! they made gain each of the other. But for me what did they profit me? yea they profited each by each, while to me from both of them there was damage. O that one would show me that bag of Iscariot, for by it I acquired strength! The bag of Thomas has slain me, for the secret strength that dwells in it tortures me.

3. Moses the chosen carried the bones, in faith as for gain. And if he a great prophet believed, that there is benefit in bones, the merchant did well to believe, and did well to call himself merchant. That merchant made gain, and waxed great and reigned. His storehouse has made me very poor: his storehouse has been opened in Edessa, and has enriched the great city with benefit.

4. At this storehouse of treasure I was amazed, for small was its treasure at first; and though no man took from it, poor was the spring of its wealth. But when multitudes have come round it, and plundered it and carried off its riches, according as it is plundered, so much the more does its wealth increase. For a pent-up spring, if one seeks it out, when deeply pierced it flows forth mightily and abounds.

5. It is evident that Elisha was a fountain in a thirsting people: and because they that thirsted sought him not out, his outflow was not great. But when Naaman sought him out, he abounded and poured forth healing. The fountain into the midst of a fountain, he took him and plunged him; for in the river he cleansed the leper. Jesus the Sea of benefits, into Siloam sent the blind man whose eyes were opened.

6. Gehazi, with the staff that brought to life the dead, was unable to raise the child. And how could the famous prophet have been brought up by the sorceress? We were they that mocked Saul, for instead of one demon whom he questioned, two demons came up and mocked him. From the bones of Elisha learn also of the bones of Samuel; for though Elisha’s bones brought to life the dead, the sorcerers could not bring up the dead, the living and sacred bones.

7. And though I asked this petition, He who gives all gave it not to me. For though the demons were troubled, by the bones of some priest, or magician or wizard, of Chaldean or soothsayer, yet I was aware that this was but mockery. In two ways I cause men to err: either I make the Apostles to lie, or I make my Apostles like the Apostles.

8. The party of the demons lo! it is spoiled; the party of the devils endures stripes: though there be none that lifts the rod openly, the demons cry out with pain; though there be none that fetters and binds, the spirits hang bound. This silent judgment, which is calm and still, and works not even by questioning, the one power that is all sufficing, lo! it dwells in the bones of this second Elisha.

9. He gave judgment unto His Twelve, that they might judge the twelve Tribes. And if so be that they are to judge the sons of the great Abraham, this is then no great matter, that they shall judge demons now. And unless they make the crucifiers fulfil the judgment that is to be, by our judgment shall they be proved. For worse than we did they cry out, in presence of the Apostles the judges of the tribes.

10. For a wolf was Saul the Apostle, and on the blood of the sheep I reared him; and he waxed strong and became a singular wolf. But nigh to Damascus suddenly, the wolf was changed into a sheep. He said that the Apostles, are to judge Angels; for by the Angels he signified the priest as it is written. If so be then they are thus powerful, woe to the demons from the strokes of their bones!

LII. Concerning Satan And Death.

 1. I heard Death and Satan, as they disputed, which was the more powerful, among men.

 R., To Thee be glory, Son of the Shepherd of All, Who deliveredst His flock from the secret wolves that devoured it, the Evil One and Death!

—2. Death showed his power, that he conquers all; Satan showed his guile, that he makes all to sin.

—3). Death, To thee, O Evil One, none hearkens save he that wills: to me he that wills and he that wills not, even to me they come.

—4). Satan, Thine, O Death, is but the force of tyranny: mine are snares and nets of subtlety.

—5). D., Hear, O Evil One, that who so is subtle breaks off thy yoke: but none is there that is able to escape my yoke.

—6). S., Thou; Death, on him that is sick provest thy might: but I over them that are whole, am exceeding powerful.

—7). D., The Evil One prevails not over all those that revile him: but for me he that has cursed me and he that curses me, come into. my hands.

—8). S., Thou, Death, from God, hast gotten thy might: I alone by none am I helped, when I lead men to sin.

—9). D., Thou, O Evil-One, like a weakling: while like a king I exercise my dominion.

—10). S., Thou art a fool, O Death, not to know how great am I: who suffice to capture free will, the sovereign power.

—11). D., Thou, O Evil One, like a thief, lo! thou goest round: I like a lion break in pieces and fear not.

—12). S., To thee, O Death, none does service or worship: to me kings do service of sacrifice as to God.

—13). D., On Death there are many that call, as on a kind Power: on thee, O Evil One, none has called or calls.

—14). S., Markest thou not this, O Death, how many there are: who in sundry fashions call on me and make oblation?—15). D. Hated is thy name, O Satan nor canst thou clear it: thy name every one curses, hide thy reproach.—16). S., Thine ear, O Death, has waxed dull, that thou hearest not: how against thee all men groan, conceal thyself.—17). D., My face is shown to the world, for I am guileless: not like thee who without guile canst not abide.

—18). S., Thou hast not in aught surpassed me for it is true: that thou art hateful as I to the sons of men.

—19). D., Of me all men are afraid as of a lord: but as for thee they hate thee as the Evil One.

—20). S., For thee, O Death, they hate thy name, and also thy work: my name they hate but my delights they greatly love.

—21). D., To bitterness of teeth is turned, this thy sweetness: penitence of soul cleaves ever unto thy lusts.

—22). S., Sheol is hated because in her is no repentance: a pit that swallows and closes on all movements.

—23). D., Sheol is a gulf wherein whoso falls shall rise again: sin is hated because it cuts off the hope of man.

—24). S., Though I mislike penitents, I give place for repentance: thou cuttest off hope from the sinner who dies in his sin.

—25). D., It was of thee that at first his hope was cut off: for he whom thou hast not caused to sin dies happily.

—26. Blessed is He who raised against each other those cursed servants: that we might see them as they have seen us and mocked at us.

—27. This that we have seen of them is a pledge, my brethren: of what we shall see of them hereafter when we rise again.


1. Come, let us hear how they contend for victory: the guilty ones who never have conquered, nor will conquer.

—2. Death said unto the Evil One, In the end the victory is mine: for Death is master of the close, as a conqueror.

—3). Satan, This were to be Death indeed, wert thou able: to bring to death a living man, by means of lusts.

—4). D., Lo! I who behold the dead, both good and bad: the righteous who despise thee, O Evil One, me they despise not.

—5). S., This dying of the body, is sleep for a time: think not, O Death, that thou art Death, who art as a shadow.

—6). D., Thee, O Evil One, the just have conquered, yea will conquer: but these that have conquered thee, lo! I conquer

.—7). S., Even this that thou bringest to death the just, is not of thyself: because of Adam whom I conquered, they drink this cup.

—8). D., Lo! Sheol is full of the men of Sodom, and the Assyrians: and the giants who were in the flood, who is like me?—9). S., These, O Death, all of them, by me were slain: I am he that caused them to sin so that they perished.—10). D., Joseph who conquered thee I conquered, O Satan: in the chamber he conquered thee but I conquered, and cast him into the tomb.—11). S., Moses who conquered thee, O Death, by sprinkling of blood: he conquered thee in Egypt, but at the rock, who conquered him?—12. D., Elijah who feared thee not, O Satan: fled before Jezebel’s face, because he feared me.—13). S., Aaron who withstood thee, O Death, with smoke of incense: to him I gave earrings of gold: and he fashioned a calf.—14). D., Thou wentest down to contend with Job, and he conquered thee and came up: but I, after he had conquered thee, then conquered him.—15). S., David who by his sackcloth stayed that pestilence: him on the house-top I conquered, who had conquered Goliath.—16). D., Jehu who destroyed the house of Baal, the temple of the Evil One: was unable to destroy Sheol, the stronghold of my realm. 17). S., Solomon who snatched from thy mouth, a child by his judgment: him in his old age I made a builder of idol-altars.—18. D., Samuel who in respect of gold scorned thee, O Satan: him I conquered, the conqueror, who conquered bribes.—19). S., Samson who in respect of the lion’s whelp, scorned thee, O Death: through Delilah, frail vessel, I yoked him to the mill.—20). D., Josiah from his childhood despised thee, Evil One: but me not even in his old age, could he withstand.—21). S., Hezekiah withstood thee, Death, when he overcame the bound of life: I misled him and he neglected the miracle, and showed his treasures.—22). D., John who conquered thee, Evil One, and absolved and baptized: I extinguished that torch, which had disclosed thee.—23). S., Simon overcame thee, when he brought to life that blessed woman: in a woman he overcame thee and by a woman I overcame him and made him deny.—24). S., Apostles and prophets with one voice, curse thee, O Death: “Where is the victory of Death, and the sting of Sheol?”—25. Thy Lord in Sheol thou hast shut up, O cursed servant: God hates thee and also man, hold then thy peace.—26). S., It was the will of Him who gives life to all, that shut him in Sheol: it was thou that called Him to this, when thou madest Adam sin.—27. O comrade of Nabal who in the wilderness reproached his lord: abhorred be thy mouth which said to Him, “Fall down and worship me!”


1. Hear, O Freedom, the dispute of two servants: how they are convicted by each other, that they are powerless.—2. R., To Thee be glory by Whose humiliation Adam was exalted: and by Whose death he was raised, and regained Eden!—3. If then the Evil One overcome thee, great is the shame: Death his comrade has convicted him, as being weak.—4. And if again Death subdue thee, lo! what reproach: for the Evil One his comrade derides him, as but a shadow.

—5. Their dispute is for thee a mirror, wherein thou mayest see: that they both are but as chaff, before thy breath.—6. Yea and Prophets and Apostles, in their promises: assure thee that they like flowers, shall fade at the rising.—7). S., Thou, Death, art he whom they hate, the quick and dead: for every combination thou dissolvest, and destroyest.—8). D., It is not open death that kills, O Satan: thy death which is secret kills the sons of men.—9). S., My name is not hateful as thine, for the angel: showed himself in Satan’s likeness to Balaam on the way.—10). D., How fit is this thy name, O Satan: who hast erred and made unwary Adam err, from the way!—11). S., Wander not like one ignorant, and lose thy cause: dispute, O Death, if thou are competent, for replying.—12.D., I know that thou art wily, O Satan: so that thou out of sand canst twist a snare.—13). S., Thy disputing, Death, is ended: for he who is worsted: when his words fail and are ended, begins to rail.—14). D., Among all I am conqueror, and by thee am I worsted? Let Adam persuade thee whom I have overcome, O Satan!

—15). S., I am he who bound Adam, and cast him before thee: the mighty man whom my wiles had bound, thou didst come and subdue.—16.D., I am he who have been crowned anew, with a diadem in the world: for Adam, chief of the mighty, I hold captive in Sheol.—17). S., I killed him by secret death, even Adam when he sinned: thou, Death, hast slain one that was dead, killed by me.—18). D., In thy desire to conquer, Evil One, thou hast made thyself hated: for thou art Death as well as Satan, and this seems a little thing to thee.—19). S., Thou hast then been silenced, Death, as a weakling: for neither in words nor in deeds, hast thou strength to stand.—20. D., It is for thy evil thou conquerest, O Evil One, if thou discernest: thy crown is wholly of shame, if thou perceivest.—21. I shall be defeated and thou shalt be cursed, O Satan: it is well for me to be ignorant, and not mischievous.—22. Blessed be the Just One who divided them, though they were quite of one mind: Blessed be the Good One who made us of one mind, when we were divided.—23. I will overcome the Evil One through Thy forgiveness, O All-Merciful: and I shall overcome death through Thy Resurrection, O All-Life-giver!


1. Lot the Evil One reproached Death, and was in turn reproached: from each and to each and against each, were their taunts.—2). R., To Thee be glory, Son of the lord of All, Who diedst for all: for He was raised to give life to all, in the day of His Coming!—3, S., Jonah who conquered thee, and returned back from Sheol, became my advocate in asking, why sinners were spared?—4. D., Slander not, O Evil One, the son of Amittai: he showed a face of anger, that they might praise thee more.

—5). S., Quite powerless is all thy persuasion, O tyrant Death: for there pleases me nothing, of all thou hast said.—6). D., For when was the word of truth pleasing to thee? A gulf is between thee and truthfulness, O lying one.—7. I am righteous. all my days, with nought to repent: I am he that rescues from thee the sons of men.—8). S., Proclaim thy repentance, Death, thou art well come: lo! Saul also among the prophets, great cause of scorn.—9. If thou, Death, be justified, then for myself: I cut not off hope, likewise, of repentance.—10). D., No idol with my Lord have I made, O hater of thy Lord! lo! thou by dead idols, slayest the living.—11). S., That thou, Death, art half of me, I know, and I half of thee: if half of me repents, it repents, but I marvel.—12). D., Thy partner am I in share, but not in sin: mine are the slain and thine the slayers, whom thou madest sin.—13). S., My craftiness weeps for itself, when I dispute with thee: my wiles mourn over me, when I meet thee.—14). D., Workers of witchcraft and soothsayers, with all their offences: the fire that thou kindledst in the world, in Sheol I have quenched.

—15. S., Thou penitent who strainest out gnats, and swallowest the just: the chaste shall rend thee, who cry, from within thy belly.—16). D., It is the treasure-house where I keep all the righteous: their resurrection threatens ill to thee, who didst persecute them.—17). S., The greedy one who carries all creatures, in his bowels: lo! he casts up to me that I am robbed, of my Vol. XIII.— possessions.—18). D., Before the stroke lament not, for it has not yet reached thee: the day will come when thou shalt cry out, and I shall hear and rejoice.—19. The fire will come that shall strip off thee thy very skin: as by the potsherd thou didst strip the skin of Job.—20). D., The savour of sloth begins, as if to hover on me; it is then a dream that I ceased, for a short space.—21. It was not that words failed me, and therefore I was silent: it is for the time I grieve, that has passed idly.—22. The hurt done by thy speech is very great: would I had not heard it! For my whole mind is intent upon my work.—23. This humankind that is lost, was undone by wandering thought: slothfulness, with negligence, brought it under yoke.—24. The madness of desire bid for wealth, and bought it: contention with boastfulness, were the sureties.

—25. With persistence for strength, I wage my war: and if I neglect but a little, my sway is naught.—26. By continual dropping, I clean the rocks: for continual dropping can dissolve even a mountain.—27. Habit even over nature, becomes master: it trains and leads even lions, as beasts of burden.—28. Habit, repose, and increase, with persistence; by these is freedom conquered, though stubborn above all.—29. If its will be firmly set, it breaks the fetters; but if lax, a fragile net, can capture it.—30. If so be that Freedom shouts, we are scattered: but if she be silent we gather together, to mock at her.—31. Let us cease from much speaking, lest it lead to much sloth: with one mind let us assail the wall, and lo! it is broken down.—32). S., Go thou and see to diseases, and I to snares: for to me sins and to thee pestilences, are great solace.—33. And even though I have paused, I have not paused from my cares: for my will at no time rests, but is ready.


1. With Freedom is thy struggle, O Evil One: it can cast on thee a muzzle, if it so please.—2). R., To Thee be glory in whose victory we have gained strength: and in whose resurrection we defy even Death itself!—3. Lo! again these two exposed each other, how weak both are: Death reminded the Evil One of thy mightiness (O Freedom).—4. Thy fire is in thy nest O Death, and thou perceivest not: the fate of the departed, to thee is overthrow.

—5. Lo! Death and the Evil One proclaim thy mightiness (O Freedom): yea, the Evil One calls to mind thy faith.—6. If then these that were against thee are on thy side: this is a great thing that thy persecutors have become thy heralds,—7). D., I confess, O Evil One, that as usury: I lay up the King’s treasures, till His Coming.—8). S., I, O Death, rather deny that this belongs to God: this treasure of subtlety, which I have stored.—9). D., Thy coinage is fraudulent, then, O Satan: that into the treasuries of God, is not received.—10). S., A new coinage do I coin, in kingly wise: lo! my merchantmen bring loss, into the world.—11. God created everything out of nothing: and I created great sin out of nothing—12). D., Closed and bound be thy mouth, Evil One, who art thus bold: to set thyself, lo! in comparison with the Creator.—13). S., To me, O Death, it is lawful to dare and speak: thy tongue, even thine, is a slave, and under fear.—14). D., A gulf is henceforth between us, O Satan: for madly against thy Lord, lo! thou assailest.

—15). S., Wherefore doubtest thou, O Death, of our concord? Be to us comrade and member: and lo! we reign.—16. Come, draw we our pair of swords, against mankind: I secretly, thou openly, and lo! we end them.—17. Sin and Sheol they too gave counsel to those two: saying “If ye be divided, ye are undone.”—18. See the waters how if dispersed, they run low: but if gathered they gain strength, and thus ye likewise.—19. If divided ye perish, as the feeble: but yoked together ye reign, as the mighty.—20. Love melts down many, as in a furnace: and makes one powerful mass, that overcomes all.—21. In it are wisdom and cunning, and force and power: it is greater far than an image of sixty cubits.—22. Be reconciled,let us assemble and go, against that party: which if it be at one can never be defeated.—23. These things the troublers discoursed, and gathered and came: Thy day, Lord, will gather them, into Gehenna.—24. Through Thy mercy, Lord, will I worship Thee, when I have risen: at Thy trumpet I will praise Thy Son, when I am purged.


1. Listen, my brethren, to Death, mocking the Evil One: that caused the head of our race to sin, and its mother.—2. R., To Thee be glory that by Thy humiliation, Satan is subdued : and that Thy abasement has exalted Adam, who was abased.—3). D., Thy great nakedness shall be seen, by the sons of Adam; as thou mockedst his nakedness, when thou madest him sin.—4. Eve will cease from that serpent, and rail at thee: for thou, O Dragon, wast he that beguiled her simpleness.

—5. Abel will see him, even, Cain, who has come to thee: the disciple of his wrath will blame his cursed master.—6. S., Noah who conquered the flood, as it were death: by the mouth of Ham I laughed at, when wine overcame him.—7). D., Noah was not harmed, but thy garment, wherewith thou clothedst him: even cursings, he put on, and became a slave.—8). S., Lot who overcame anger which is, thy likeness, Death: to his daughters I gave such counsels, as were pleasing to me.—9. D., And Lot’s wife who was thy vessel hearkened, to thy counsel: may half of thee be dried up, as thy whole vessel was dried up!—10. Gehenna be overturned, upon thy head: as thy malice overturned Sodom, its dwellers!—11. Floods of fire be stirred against thee, in the resurrection: who against Moses and Elijah, didst stir the people!—12. Let the just mock thee at the last, and Joseph rejoice! whose brethren mocked him, set on by thee!—13. Let vapour of smoke come in, and choke thy senses: as the waters of the sea choked, the senses of the wicked! —14. Let chaste women also mock thee, by whose counsel: the daughters of Midian mocked, the foolish people!

—15. Flame be kindled on thy head, for Samson’s sake: for by a woman thou shavedst his locks, that lion of strength!—16). S., Saul whom I conquered by envy, by witchcraft conquered thee: for he asked for and brought up Samuel, out of his grave.—17. D., Slander not the living dead, for he came not up: thou wast he that came up in the phantom for thou wast worthy.—18. Let the commandment hang thee over the flame, thou Evil One! for by thee they hanged Absalom, upon a tree.—19. In the fire mayst thou see thyself humbled, among vile women! for Solomon by thee was degraded, among profane women.—20. Justice be measured to thee, as thou didst inflame her! even Jezebel who devoured the prophets, thou kindledst her.—21. In fire mayst thou justly burn, who madest them drunken! the two whom Elijah burnt up, when they went up and assailed him.—22. On thee also be coals heaped! may he see and rejoice: that Naboth in whom thou heapedst, a pile of stones!—23. Be thou clad in scorn in the day of judgment, before all beholders! who clothedst Gehasi in a leprosy, by means of thy theft.—24. With lightning for a dart be thou pierced, O Satan! who in the heart of Josiah, didst fix thy darts.

—25. Sink thou in the dregs of Gehenna, O Satan! who didst sink Jeremiah in the mire of the pit.26. Daniel escaped from the pit, whither thou didst cast him: may he have comfort in seeing thee, in the furnace for ever!—27. Be thy wickedness returned on thy head, Hater of man: as his wickedness was returned on the head, of Haman thy fellow! —28. May the King’s Bride mock thee, as did Esther: when thou beseechest her in the judgment-day, to plead for thee!—29. Fire released the righteous ones, whom thou hadst bound: a mighty bond be to thee, the flame of fire!—30. Be thou torn in sunder, and may the seven brothers, see thy defeat: the sons of Shemuni who by thy wolves, were torn in sunder!—31 May fire triumph over thy pate, as thou didst mock: the two heads of Nazarites, sons of the barren!—32. May fire make mock of thy head, for mother and daughter: triumphed over John’s head, when thou didst madden them!—33. Flame triumphed over thy head, O Evil One: for on the charges thou didst triumph, over John’s head!


1. Lo! Death was prompt beforehand, to mock Satan: him who was doomed to become a mockery at the last.—2. R., Glory to Thee Who by Thy crucifixion, didst conquer the Evil One: and by Thy resurrection gain victory, likewise over Death!—3. And for our Lord’s sake Death spake curses on him: who was the cause of His shame, and crucifixion.—4). D., The fiery pit be thy grave, O Satan: who blasphemedst the Voice from the grave, that rent the graves

—5. My Lord I know, and the Son of my Lord, O thou Satan! thou hast denied thy Lord, and crucified the Son of thy Lord.—6. This is the name that fits thee, “Slayer of thy Lord”: when He appears Whom thou slewest, He shall slay thee.—7. At thee shall every one shake the head, for by thee the chiefs: shook their heads at Him, the Lord of life.—8. A bruised reed under the feet, of the just shall thou be: for through thee they put a reed in His hand, Who upholds all.—9. With a crown of thorns was He crowned, to signify: that He took the diadem of the kingdom, of the house of David.—10. With a crown of thorns was He crowned, the King of kings: but He took the diadem of the king, of those that shamed him.—11. In the robes of mockery that they gave him, in those He mocked them: for He took the raiment of glory, of priests and kings.—12. To vinegar is thy memory akin, O thou Satan: who didst offer vinegar for the thirst, of the Fount of Life.—13. The hand shall every man lift against thee who strengthenedst the hand that smote Him by Whose hand, all creatures stand.—14. He was smitten by the hand and He cut off the hand, of Caiaphas: the hand of the priesthood is cut off, in the cutting off of the unction.

—15. On the pillar again they stretched Him, as for scourging: Him Whose pillar went before, to guide their tribes.—16. The pillar on the pillar, He was scourged: He removed Himself from out of Zion, and its fall came.—17. When they put two beams together, to form the Cross: He broke them, even the two staves, the guardians of them.—18. Ezekiel put together the sticks, the two in one: in the two beams of the Cross, their staves have ceased.—19. The two sticks, as it were wings, bore the people: lo! his two staves were broken, even as his wings.—20. The bosom and wings of the Cross, He opened in mercy: its pinions bowed and bore the nations, to go to Eden.—21. It is akin to the Tree of Life, and unto the son of its stock: it leads its beloved that on its boughs, they may feed on its fruits.—22. Go howl and weep, Evil One, for me and for you: for not one of us shall enter the “Garden of Life.”—23). S., Now that thou hast confessed O Death, come let me tell thee: that all this discourse of thine, to me is idle talk.—24. I will go and watch the snares, which I have set: thou too, Death, fly and look after, all that are sick.

—25. Our Lord has brought both to nought, on either hand: the Evil One shall be brought to nought here, and Death hereafter there.


1. Lo! Death for us on Satan, inflicts vengeance: come let us hear his shame and rejoice, for he rejoiced in our shame.—2). R., To Thee be glory from Thy flock, from Thee: are subdued both Death and Satan, under Thy Feet!—3). D., Evil ones shall be hung upright, but thou, head downward: for, reversely, thou crucifiedst, Simon on the tree.—4. S., Touching all else I am silent, Death, for my time wanes: Simon himself conjured me, “Crucify me thus.”

—5. Were it the just that cursed me, I had not grieved: the curse of Death unto me, is worse than hell.—6). D., The shame of our Lord I have not spoken of, it is too great for my mouth: that I should weigh and compare His Passion, with Thy torment.—7. Twelve judgment thrones shall He set, for His Twelve: for by the twelve tribes thou, even thou, shall be condemned.—8. A halter unbought shalt thou hang thee, O thou Satan: as that Thy disciple hung him, a halter for a price.—9. Haply yon hell in mercy, shall be emptied: and thou shalt dwell there alone, with Thy ministers.—10. Manifold are Thy curses, and how shall I count them? Lo! the sum of all thy curses, is on thy members.—11. The evil in the fire shall stab thee, who madest them evil: they shall upbraid thee “wherefore, broughtest thou us hither?”—12. Sinners shall rail against thee, and haply their threats: shall be worse to thee than the torment, of yonder hell.—13. These shall be unto thee there, all of them Satans: as thou hast been to them here, the one Satan.—14. The Watchers shall seize and hurl thee down, calling’ to mind: how through thee men hurled their Lord, from the height to the depth.

—15. All men will run to stone thee, not forgetting that through thee the maddened people ran, to stone their Maker.—16. On thee, Evil One, from all mouths shall be, the spitting of wrath: for through thee they spat on Him Whose spittle, gave sight to the blind.—17. On thee, Evil One, from all tongues, shall be all curses: for through thee men blasphemed Him, Who opened dumb mouths.—18. Blessed is He Who avenged our wrong, though in silence: and stirred up Death against the Evil One, to fall upon him!—19. Sound we Hosannas, my brethren, as did Gideon:4 who when he sounded, the oppressors, fell on one another!


1160 1. O what amazement befel the Evil One, of a sudden, my brethren: when the sinful woman was corrected, and gained Wisdom!2). R., Glory to the One Who alone, conquered the Evil One; and to Him yea Him be also confession, Who vanquished Death!—3. The Evil One marvelled “Where is her laughter? where her perfumes? where her dancing and outward ornament, and inward wickedness?”—4. Instead of that light laughter, she is given up to tears: She has cut off her hair to wipe the dust, off the feet of Jesus.

—5. Naught lasts in her of any doctrine, nor abides in her: from our instruction she has escaped and cast away, all that I taught her.—6. She has denied us and our acquaintance, and even as though: she had never seen me she has blotted my image, out of her mind.—7. The living leaven of Jesus flew to her, Jesus was silent: but she made bold to press and enter, though none called her.—8. She forgot our love of many years, and in the twinkling of an eye: from between me and her she removed it, and set Death there.—9. For instead of laughter weeping delights her, and instead of paint: a shower of tears, and instead of ornament, a sad countenance.—10. Zaccheus I made chief of extortioners, and her I made: chief of wantons; my two wings, Jesus has broken.—11. If so be Zaccheus becomes his disciple, and if so be she: becomes his hearer, henceforth they fetter, my craftiness.—12. Carved images henceforth are a mockery and the carvers: a derision, and the worshippers a laughing-stock.—13. I shut men’s eyes that they might not perceive, that they are carved images: Jesus opens their eyes to see that they are the works of men’s hands.—14. If Jesus has chosen for Himself preachers, then our preaching: whereof the whole world is full, is put to silence.

—15. For lo! the Chaldeans with the soothsayers, and lo! the wizards: with the diviners they are smitten and the priests, with all evil ones!—16. Ye priests are ended and have given up the Ghost from henceforth, depart ye diviners! become husbandmen, the Chaldeans likewise, shall close their books.—17. If the Hebrews have become His disciples, who by all miracles: were not subdued, who of the nations, shall not obey him?—18. If he begins to set straight the reverse, He brings to naught our speech: henceforth He will not hesitate against us, He who rebukes all men.—19. In that I was worshipped in all temples, our disgrace is greater: than our honour was, for all men spit, upon our altars.—20. Flesh of sacrifice becomes abhorred, into fragments: idols are broken, and carven images burn, under their pots.—21. All our work becomes a laughing-stock, and a ruin: all that we have built, and a mockery, all that we have taught.—22. The secret mysteries that I taught them, laboriously: are about to be spread abroad, on the housetops.—23. Of the Egyptians I was more proud, than of any nation: for they used to worship even, the onions and garlic.—24. Lo! I fear lest even here, where delusion was so great: truth shall prevail that there exceedingly, Jesus may reign.

—25. And if when He was an infant, and fled and went down, Egypt marvelled: yea lulled him—this strangler of babes, loved their Babe.—26. Was it a pledge He went down to give her, as a betrother: giving assurance that when of full age, He will also take her to wife?—27. Pharaoh cannot set his foot firm, for this is no stammerer: that he should deceive Him, and no bondman, that he should lie unto Him.—28. Moses smote and the Egyptians rebelled, and he chastised the people: and the Hebrews rebelled—Jesus is smitten, and gives life to all.—29. This is hard to understand that not by force; lays He His yoke: on the rebellious: He was rebuked, and He instructs others.—30. The spittle of His mouth, wiped off and took away, the shame of Adam: by the smiting of His cheeks, He rooted out our wrathfulness, from His disciples.—31. By the nails which he received, He made me to suffer. I rejoiced when I crucified Him: and I knew not that He was crucifying me, in His crucifixion.

Ephraim, Apapphrat 1142