Ephraim, Apapphrat 1304


(Resp.—Blessed be He that blots out in water misdeeds that are without measure!)

1. Descend my sealed brethren, put ye on our Lord,—and be rejoined to His lineage, for He is son of a great lineage, was He has said in His Word.

2. From on high is His Nature, and from beneath His Vesture.—Each that puts off his vesture, commingled is that vesture, with His Vesture forever.

3. Ye too in the water, receive from him the vesture,—that wastes not or is lost for it is the vesture that vests—them that are vested in it forever.

4. But the blessed Priest, is daysman between two:—the covenant shall be made before Him, He is daysman of his Lord,—and surety on our part.

5. The Godhead in the water, lo! has mingled His leaven;—for the creatures of dust, that leaven raises up,—and the Godhead joins them.

6. For it is the leaven of the Lord, that can glide lute the bondman,—and raise him to freedom; it has joined the bondman to the lineage,—of Him the Lord of all.

7. For the bondman who has put on Him, Who makes all free in the waters,-though bondman he be on earth, is son of the free on high,—for freedom he has put on.

8. The freeman who has put on, that Angel in the waters,—is as the fellow of servants, that he may be made like to the Lord,—Who became bondman unto bondmen.

9. He Who enriches all came down, and put on poverty,—that He might divide to the poor, the stores that were hidden,—out of the treasure-house of the water.

10. The lowly one again that has put on, the Giver of all greatness, in the water,—even though he be base in the sight of fools, yet is great in the sight of the Watchers,—for that he is clad in greatness.

11. For like as He Who is great, Who became lowly in His love,—by the unbelievers was persecuted, and by the Watchers was worshipped,—was made lowly and makes the lowly great.12. Thus let him be lowly who is great, that in him the lowly may be great:—Let us be like to Him Who is greater than all, Who became less than all:—He was made lowly, and makes all men great.

13. The meek man who has put on Him Who is great, in the water,—though humble be his countenance, very great is his discernment,—for He Who is exalted above all dwells in him.

14. For who could be found to despise the bush of thorn,—the despised and humble, wherein the Majesty in fire,—made its dwelling within?

15. Who again could be found, to despise Moses,—the meek and slow of speech,—when that excelling glory—dwelt upon his meekness?

16. They that despised him despised his Lord; the wicked that despised him—the earth swallowed up in anger; the Levites who scorned Him,—the fire devoured in fury.

17. Of Him Christ commanded, “Thou shalt not call him Raca,” who is baptized and has put Him on; for whoso despises the despised, despises with him the Mighty.

18. In Eden and in the world, are parables of our Lord;—and what tongue can gather, the similitudes of His mysteries?—for He is figured all of Him in all things.

19. In the Scriptures He is written of; on Nature He is impressed;—His crown is figured in kings, in prophets His truth, His atonement in priests.

20. In the rod was He of Moses, and in the hyssops of Aaron,—and in the crown of David: to the prophets pertains His similitude, to the Apostles His Gospel.

21. Revelations beheld Thee, proverbs looked for Thee,—mysteries expected Thee, similitudes saluted Thee, parables showed types of Thee.

22. The Covenant of Moses looked forward to the Gospel:—all things of old time, flew on and alighted thereon, in the new Covenant.

23. Lo! the prophets have poured out on Him, their glorious mysteries;—the priests and kings have poured out upon Him, their wonderful types:—they all have poured them out on all of Him.

24. Christ overcame and surpassed, by His teachings the mysteries,—by His interpretations the parables; as the sea into its midst—receives all streams.

25. For Christ is the sea, and He can receive—the fountains and brooks, the rivers and streams, that flow from the midst of the Scriptures.


(Resp.—Blessed be He that ordained baptism, for the atonement of the sons of Adam!)

1. Descend, my brethren, put on from the waters of baptism the Holy Spirit;—be joined with the spirits that minister to the Godhead!

2. For lo! He is the fire that secretly, seals also His flock,—by the Three spiritual Names, wherein the Evil One is put to flight.

3. John when he cried and said “This is the Lamb of God, “—thereby showed concerning the Gentiles that they are Abraham’s children.

4. This is he that testified of our Saviour, that with fire and the Spirit He should baptize.—Lo! the fire and the Spirit, my brethren, in the baptism of truth.

5. For greater is Baptism than Jordan that little river;—for that in streams of water and oil, the misdeeds of all men are washed out.

6. Elisha by seven times washing, cleansed Naaman’s leprosy:—in Baptism are cleansed the secret misdeeds in the soul.

7. Moses baptized the People in the midst of the sea, yet availed not—to wash their heart within, that was full of the defilements of misdeeds).

8. Lo! the priest in the likeness of Moses purges the defilements of the soul;—and with oil of anointing, lo! he seals new lambs for the Kingdom.

9. Samuel anointed David to be king among the People:—but lo! the priest anoints you to be heirs in the Kingdom.

10. For with the armour that David put on, after the anointing he fought—and laid low the giant who sought to subdue Israel.

11. Lo! again in the chrism of Christ, and in the armour that is from the water—the haughtiness of the Evil One is humbled, who sought to subdue the Gentiles.

12. By the water that flowed from the rock, the thirst of the People was quenched. Lo! in the fountain of Christ, the thirst of the peoples is quenched.

13. The rod of Moses opened the rock, and the streams flowed forth; and they were refreshed by its draught, who had grown faint with thirst.

14. Lo! from the side of Christ flowed the stream that bestowed life.—The Gentiles drank that were weary, and in it forgot their pains.

15. With Thy dew besprinkle my vileness, and my crimes in Thy blood shall be atoned!—And I shall be, O my Lord, at Thy right hand, and with Thy Saints I shall be joined!


(Resp.—Blessed be He Who was baptized that He might baptize you, that ye should be absolved from your offences.)

1. The Spirit came down from on high,—and hallowed the waters by His brooding.—In the baptism of John,—He passed by the rest and abode on One:—but now He has descended and abode,—on all that are born of the water.

2. Out of all that John baptized,—on One it was that the Spirit dwelt:—but now He has flown and come down,—that He may dwell on the many;—and as each after each comes up,—He loves him and abides on him.

3. A marvel it is that surpasses all!—To the water He went down and was baptized.—The seas declared it blessed,—that river wherein Thou wast baptized:—even the waters that were in heaven envied,—because they were not worthy to be Thy bath.

4. A marvel it is, O my Lord, now also,—that while the fountains are full of water,—it is the water of baptism,—that alone is able to atone.—Mighty is the water in the seas,—yet is it too weak for atonement.

5. Thy might, O my Lord, if it abides,—within the humble it exalts him;—like as royalty if it abide—within the desert gives it peace.—Water by Thy might has triumphed—over sin, for Life has encompassed it.

6. The sheep exulted when they saw—the hand draw nigh to baptize them.-Receive, O ye sheep, your sealing; enter and be mingled in the flock!—for more than over all the flock,—over you rejoice the Watchers to-day.

7. The Angels and the Watchers rejoice—over that which is born of the Spirit and of water:—they rejoice that by fire and by the Spirit,—the corporeal have become spiritual.—The Seraphins who sing “Holy” rejoice,—that they who are made holy have been increased.

8. For lo! the Angels rejoice—over one sinner if he repent:—how much more do they now rejoice—that in all churches and congregations,—lo! Baptism is bringing forth—the heavenly from the earthly!

9. The baptized when they come up are sanctified;—the sealed when they go down are pardoned.—They who come up have put on glory;—they who go down have cast off sin.—Adam put off his glory in a moment;—ye have been clothed with glory in a moment.

10. A house that is of dust when it has fallen,—by means of water can be renewed:—the body of Adam that was of dust,—which had fallen by water has been renewed.—Lo! the priests as builders—afresh renew your bodies.

11. A great marvel is this of the wool,—that it can take every dye,—as the mind takes every discourse.—By the name of its dye it is called;—as ye who were—baptized when “Hearers,”—have gained the name of “Recipients.”

12. The common waters he sanctified—even Elisha through the Name that is secret.—In them washed the leper openly,—and was cleansed by the Power that is secret:-the leprosy was done away in the water, as transgressions in Baptism.

13. To-day, lo! your offences are blotted out,—and your names are written down.—The priest blots out in the water;—and Christ writes down in Heaven.—By the blotting out and the writing down—lo! doubled is your rejoicing.

14. Lo! mercy has dawned to-day;—and from bound to bound it stretches:—the sun has sunk and mercy has dawned.—Justice has drawn in her wrath; Grace has spread forth her love,—lo! she pardons and quickens freely.

15. The sheep that beforetime were in the fold—lo! they hasten forth to greet—the new lambs that have been added to it.—They are white and are clad in white;-within and without white are your bodies as your vestments.

16. From every mouth “Blessed are ye,”—on every side “Blessed are ye.”—Sin from you is driven out,—and the Holy Spirit on you is dwelling.—The Evil One is become sad of countenance;—the Good God makes glad your countenance.

17. The gift that ye have received freely,—cease not from watching over it:-this pearl if it shall be lost—cannot again be sought out,—for it is like to virginity—which if it be lost is not to be found.

18. May ye from all defilement—be kept by the power of your white robes!—and he whose freedom has defiled itself—may it be able to wash itself clean by his weeping! —For me who am servant of the community—may the supplication of the community win pardon!

19. To the author who has toiled in words,—be reconciliation in rest!—to the teacher who has toiled with voice,—be forgiveness through grace!—to the priest who has toiled in baptizing,—let there come the crown of righteousness!

20. From every mouth with one consent,—of those beneath and those above,-Watchers, Cherubin, and Seraphin,—the baptized, the sealed, and the hearers,—let each of us cry aloud and say,—” Glory to the Lord of our feasts!”


(Resp.—Blessed is He Who atoned your sins, that ye might receive His Body worthily!)

1. The flock of Jacob came down—and stood round the well of water.—In the water they put on the similitude of the wood that was covered by it.—Mysteries these and types of the Cross,—wherein the parables are interpreted.

2. There are shown in these rods similitudes,—and in the sheep, parables.—The Cross in the rods is figured, and in the sheep the souls of men.—His wood was a mystery of our Wood;—likewise his sheep a mystery of our flock.

3. The sheep of Christ rejoice,—and stand round the layer of baptism;—in the water they put on the likeness—of the living and goodly Cross—whereon gaze all things created,—and all of it is stamped on them all).

4. At the well Rebecca received—in her ears and hands the jewels.—The Spouse of Christ has put on—precious things that are from the water:—on her hand the living Body,—and in her ears the promises.

5. Moses drew water and watered the sheep—of Jethro the priest of sin.—But our Shepherd has baptized His sheep—Who is the high priest of truth.—At the well the flocks were dumb,—but here the sheep have speech.

6. The People passed through the water and were baptized:—the People came up on dry land and became as heathen.—The Commandment was savourless in their ears;-the manna corrupted in their vessels.—Eat ye the living Body,—the medicine of life that gives life to all!

7. To the sons of Lot Moses said,—” Give us water for money,—let us only pass by through your border.”—They refused the way, and the temporal water.—Lo! the living water freely3 given,—and the path that leads to Eden!

8. From the water Gideon chose for himself—the men who were victorious in the battle.—Ye have gone down to the victorious waters:—come ye up and triumph in the fight!—receive from the water atonement,—and from the fight the crowning!

9. Ye baptized, receive your lamps,—like the lamps of the house of Gideon;—conquer the darkness by your lamps,—and the silence by your hosannas!—Gideon likewise in the battle—triumphed by the shout and the flame.

10. David the King longed after—the water of the well, and they brought it him;-but he drank it not, for he saw that with blood of men it was bought.—In the midst of the water ye have revelled—that was bought with the blood of God.

11. Out of Edom the prophet saw—God coming as one that presses the grapes.—He made ready the winepress of wrath,—He trod down the peoples and delivered the People.—He has turned and ordained Baptism;—the peoples live, the People is come to nought.

12. In the river Jeremiah buried—the linen girdle that was marred;—and [the People] waxed old and decayed.—...—The peoples that were decayed and marred,—by the waters have been clad in newness.

13. In Siloam,4 the blessed stream—the priests anointed Solomon.—His youth was had in honour;—his old age was despised.—Through the pure waters ye have been clad—in the purity of Heaven.

14. The fleece that was dry from the dew,—Jerusalem was figured in it:—the bason that was filled with water,—Baptism was figured in it.—That was dry after the manner of its type;—this was full after the manner of its symbol.

15. The wearied body in water—washes and is refreshed from its toil.—Lo! the layer in which are hidden—refreshing and life and delights.—In it wearied Adam had rest—who brought labour into the creation.

16. The fountain of sweat in the body—is set to protect against fever:—the fountain of Baptism—is set to protect against the Flame.—This is the water that avails—for the quenching of Gehenna.

17. He who journeys through the desert,—as armour takes to himself water—against all-conquering thirst.—Go ye down to the fountain of Christ,—receive life in your members,—as armour against death.

18. Again, the diver brings up—out of the sea the pearl.—Be baptized and bring up from the water—purity that therein is hidden,—the pearl that is set as a jewel—in the crown of the Godhead).

19. Sweet water in his vessel—the seaman lays up as a store;—in the midst of the sea he lays up and keeps it, the sweet in the midst of the bitter.—So amidst the floods of sin,—keep ye the water of Baptism.

20. The woman of Samaria said to our Lord,—”Lo! verily the well is deep.”—Baptism though it be high,—in its mercy has stooped down with us:—for the atonement is from above—that has come down unto sinners.

21. “He that drinks the water that I shall give him,—verily never again shall he thirst.”—For this holy Baptism,—for it be ye athirst, my beloved;—never again shall ye be athirst,—so that ye should come to another baptism.

22. In the baptism of Siloam—the blind man washed, and his eyeballs—were opened and enlightened by the water;—he cast off the darkness that was on them.—The hidden darkness ye have cast off;—from the water ye have been clad in light.

23. His hands Pilate washed—that he might not be of them that slew.—Ye have bathed your bodies,—your hands together with your mouths.—Go in and be of them that eat,—for this medicine of life gives life to all.

24. “Come after Me and verily I will make you—fishers of men.”—For instead of a draught of that which perishes,—they fished for the draught that is forever.—They who had taken fishes for death,—baptized and gave life to them that were to die.

25. An hundred and fifty fishes were taken—by Simon’s net from the water;—but there were taken by his preaching,—out of the bosom of Baptism,—ten thousands and thousands of men,—a draught of the sons of the Kingdom.

26. Lo! our priest as a fisher—over the scanty water is standing;—he has taken thence a great draught—of every shape and of every kind;—he has drawn up the draught to bring it near—to the King of kings, most high.

27. Simon took the fishes and drew them up,—and they were brought near before our Lord:—Our priest has taken from out of the water,—by the Hand which he received from Simon,—virgins and chaste men who are brought near—in the festival of the Lord of feasts.

28. In Thy mercy I adjure Thee pardon me,—for in mercy Thou too hast sworn,—Rabboni, “In the death of him that dieth,—I have no pleasure, but in his life.”—Thou hast sworn and I have adjured:—O Thou Who hast sworn, pardon him who has adjured!


(Resp.—Happy are ye whose bodies have been made to shine!)

1. God in His mercy stooped and came down,—to mingle His compassion with the water,—and to blend the nature of His majesty—with the wretched bodies of men.-He made occasion by the water—to come down and to dwell in us:—like to the occasion of mercy—when He came down and dwelt in the womb:—O the mercies of God—Who seeks for Himself all occasions to dwell in us!

2. To the cave in Horeb He stooped and came down,—and on Moses He caused His majesty to dwell ;—He imparted His glorious splendour to mortals.—There was therein a figure of Baptism:—He Who came down and dwelt in it,—tempers within the water—the might of His majesty,—that He may dwell in the feeble.—On Moses dwelt the Breath,—and on you the Perfecting of Christ.

3. That might then none could endure;—not Moses chief of deliverers,—nor Elijah chief of zealots;—and the Seraphin too vail their faces,—for it is the might that subdues all.—His mercy mingled gentleness—in the water and by the oil;—that mankind in its weakness—might be able to stand before Him—when covered by the water and the oil.

4. The captive priests again in the well—hid and concealed the fire of the sanctuary,5 —a mystery of that glorified fire—which the Highpriest mingles in Baptism.-The priests took up of the mire,—and on the altar they sprinkled it;—for its fire, the fire of that well,—with the mire had been mingled;—a mystery of our bodies which in the water—with the fire of the Holy Spirit have been mingled.

5. The famous Three in Babylon—in the furnace of fire were baptized, and came forth;—they went in and bathed in the flood of flame, they were buffeted by the blazing billows.—There was sprinkled on them there—the dew that fell from heaven;—it loosed from off them there—the bonds of the earthly king.—Lo! the famous Three went in and found a fourth in the furnace.

6. That visible fire that triumphed outwardly,—pointed to the fire of the Holy Ghost,—which is mingled, lo! and hidden in the water.—In the flame Baptism is figured,—in that blaze of the furnace.—Come, enter, be baptized, my brethren,—for lo! it looses the bonds;—for in it there dwells and is hidden—the Daysman of God,—Who in the furnace was the fourth.

7. Two words again our Lord spake—which in one voice agree in unison:—He said, “I am come to send fire,”—and again, “I have a baptism to be baptized with.”-By the fire of Baptism is quenched the fire,—that which the Evil One had kindled:-and the water of Baptism has overcome—those waters of contention—by which he had made trial—of Joseph who conquered and was crowned.

8. Lo! the pure fire of our Redeemer—which he kindled in mankind of His mercy!—Through His fire He quenched that fire—which had been kindled in the defiled and sinful.—This is the fire wherein the thorns—are burnt up and the tares.—But happy are your bodies—that have been baptized in the fire—which has consumed your thickets,—and by it your seeds have sprung up to heaven!

9. Jeremiah in the womb He sanctified and taught.—But if the lowly bosom of wedlock—was sanctified in conceiving and bringing him forth,—how much more shall Baptism sanctify—its conception and its bringing forth—of them that are pure and spiritual!—For there, within the womb—is the conception of all men;—but here, out of the water,—is the birth whereof the spiritual are worthy.

10. For Jeremiah though sanctified in the womb,—they took up nails and cast him into the pit.—Holy was the prophet in his befoulment,—for clean was his heart though he was in the mire.—Be ye afraid, my brethren—for lo! to-day is washed away—your secret befoulment,—and the abomination of your sins.—Turn not again to uncleanness,—for there is but one cleansing of your bodies!

11. The presumptuous who is baptized and again sins,—is as the serpent that casts its slough and again puts it on, that is renewed and made young, and turns again——putting on anew its skin of old;—for the serpent does not—cast off its nature.—Cast ye off the tempter—the corrupter of souls,—even the old man;—let it not make old—the newness ye have put on!

12. Elisha cast the wood into the water, and made the heavy float and the light sink:—their natures were exchanged in the water.—There a new thing came to pass not according to nature.—How much easier then, O Lord,—is this for Thy grace; that in the water should sink—transgression which is heavy,—but that the soul which is light—should be drawn forth and raised up on high!

13. Joshua, son of Nun, on Jericho—laid a curse on its walls and a doom on its fountains.—They whom Joshua cursed to their destruction,—again in the mystery of Jesus have been blessed.—There was cast into them salt,—and they were healed and sweetened:—a mystery of this salt,—the sweet salt that came from Mary,—that was mingled in the water,—whereby was healed the noisomeness of our plagues.

14. Lo! quiet waters are before you,—holy and tranquil and pleasant;—for they are not the waters of contention—that cast Joseph into the dungeon;—nor yet are they the waters,—those waters of strife,—beside which the people strove,—and gainsaid in the wilderness.—There are waters whereby—there is reconciliation made with Heaven.

15. Hagar saw the spring of water,—and from it she gave drink to her forward son, him who became as a wild ass in the wilderness.—Instead of that fountain of water is Baptism.—In it are baptized the sons of Hagar,—and are become gentle and peaceful. Who has seen rams6 like these,—that are yoked, lo! and labour—along with tame bullocks,—and the seed of their tillage is reaped an hundredfold!

16. In the beginning the Spirit that brooded—moved on the waters; they conceived and gave birth—to serpents and fishes and birds.—The Holy Spirit has brooded in Baptism,—and in mystery has given birth to eagles,—Virgins and Prelates;—and in mystery has given birth to fishes,—celibates and intercessors; and in mystery of serpents,—lo! the subtle have become simple as doves!

17. Lo! the sword of our Lord in the waters!—that which divides sons and fathers:—for it is the living sword that makes—division, lo! of the living from the dying.—Lo! they are baptized and they become—Virgins and saints,—who have gone down, been baptized, and put on—the One Only begotten.—Lo! many have come boldly to Him!

18. For whoso have been baptized and put on Him—the Only begotten the Lord of the many,—has filled thereby the place of many,—for to him Christ has become a great treasure:—for He became in the wilderness—a table of good meats,—and He became at the marriage feast—a fountain of choice wines.—He has become such to all in all things,—by helps and healings and promises.

19. Elisha was the equal of the Watchers—in his doings, glorious and holy.—The camp of the Watchers was round about him;—thus let Baptism be unto you,—a camp of guardians,—for by means of it there dwells in the heart—the hope of them that are below—and the Lord of them that are above.—Sanctify for Him your bodies,—for where He abides, corruption comes not near.

20. They are no more, the waters of that sea—which by its billows preserved the People,—and by its billows laid low the peoples.—Of contrary effect are the waters in Baptism.—In them, lo! the people have life;—in them, lo! the People perishes:—for all that are not baptized,—in the waters that give life to all,—they are dead invisibly.

21. They are no more, the waters of that sea—which were tempestuous, and boiled against Jonah,—and plunged into the depths the Son of Amittai.—Though he fled he was bound in the prison-house;—God cast him in and bound him—in dungeon within dungeon;—for he bound him in the sea.—and He bound him in the fish.—For him Grace stood surety,—and she opened the prison and brought forth the preacher.

22. The Prophets have called the Most High a fire,—” a devouring fire,” and “who can dwell with it?” —The People were not able to dwell in it;—its might crushed the peoples and they were confounded.—In it, with the unction ye have been anointed;—ye have put Him on in the water;—in the bread ye have eaten Him;—in the wine ye have drunk Him;—in the voice ye have heard Him;—and in the eye of the mind ye have seen Him!


(Resp., Blessed is He Who came down, and sanctified water for the remission of the sins of the children of Adam!)

1. O John, who sawest the Spirit,—that abode on the head of the Son,—to show how the Head of the Highest—went down and was baptized—and came up to be Head on earth!—Children of the Spirit ye have thus become,—and Christ has become for you the Head:—ye also have become His members.

2. Consider and see how exalted ye are;—how instead of the river Jordan—ye have glorious Baptism, wherein is peace;—spreading her wings to shade your bodies.—In the wilderness John baptized:—in Her pure flood of Baptism,—purely are ye baptized therein.3. Infants think when they see its glory,—that by its pomp its might is enhanced.—But it is the same, and within itself—is not divided.—But the might which neverwaxes less or greater—in us is little or again great;—and he in whom is great under-standing,—great in him is Baptism.4. A man’s knowledge, if it be exalted,—exalted also is his degree above his brethren;—and he whose faith is great,—so also is his promise;—and as is his wisdom, so also his crowning.—As is the light, which though it be all goodly—and equal all of it with itself,—yet goodlier is one eye than another.5. Jesus mingled His might in the water:—put ye Him on my brethren as discerning men!—For there are that in the water merely—perceive that they are washed. With our body be our soul washed!—The manifest water let the body perceive,—and the soul the secret might;—that both to the manifest and to the secret ye may be made like!6. How beautiful is Baptism—in the eye of the heart; come, let us gaze on it!—Like as by a seal ye have been moulded;—receive ye its image,—that nought may be lacking to us of our image!—For the sheep that are white of heart—gaze on the glory that is in the water:—in your souls reflect ye it!7. Water is by nature as a mirror,—for one who in it examines himself.—Stir up thy soul, thou that discernest,—and be like unto it!—For it in its midst reflects thy image;—from it, on it, find an example;—gaze in it on Baptism,—and put on the beauty that is hidden therein!

8. What profits it him that hears—a voice and knows not its significance?—Whoso hears a voice and is devoid—of the understanding thereof,—his ear is filled but his soul is empty.—Lo! since the gift is abundant,—with discernment receive ye it.9. Baptism that is with understanding—is the conjunction of two lights,—and rich are the fountains of its rays.— ......—And the darkness that is on the mind departs,—and the soul beholds Him in beauty,—the hidden Christ of glory,—and grieves when the glory fails.

10. Baptism without understanding—is a treasure full yet empty;—since he that receives it is poor in it,—for he understands not—how great are its riches into which he enters and dwells.—For great is the gift within it,—though the mean man perceives not—that he is exalted even as it.

11. Open wide your minds and see, my brethren,—the secret column in the air, whose base is fixed from the midst of the water—unto the door of the Highest Place, like the ladder that Jacob saw.—Lo! by it came down the light unto Baptism,—and by it the soul goes up to Heaven,—that in one love we may be mingled).

12. Our Lord when he was baptized by John—sent forth twelve fountains;—and they issued forth and cleansed by their streams—the defilement of the peoples.—His worshippers are made white like His garments,—the garments in Tabor and the body in the water.—Instead of the garments the peoples are made white,—and have become for Him a clothing of glory.

13. From your garments learn, my brethren,—how your members should be kept.-For if the garment, which ever so many times—may be made clean,—is duly kept for the sake of its comeliness,—the body which has but one baptism—manifold more exceeding is the care of its keeping,—for manifold are its dangers.

14. Again the sun in a house that is strait,—is straitened therein though he be great: —but in a house that is goodly and large,—when he rises thereon—far and wide in it he spreads his rays;—and though the sun is one and the same in his nature,—in divers houses he undergoes changes:—Even so our Lord in divers men.


(Resp.—Glory to Him Who came and restored it!)

1. Adam sinned and earned all sorrows;—likewise the world after His example, all guilt.—And instead of considering how it should be restored,—considered how its fall should be pleasant for it.—Glory to Him Who came and restored it!

2. This cause summoned Him that is pure,—that He should come and be baptized, even He with the defiled,—Heaven for His glory was rent asunder.—That the purifier of all might be baptized with all,—He came down and sanctified the water for our baptism.

3. For that cause for which He entered into the womb,—for the same cause He went down into the river.—For that cause for which He entered into the grave,—for the same cause He makes us enter into His chamber.—He perfected mankind for every cause.

4. His Conception is the store of our blessings;—His Birth is the treasury of our joys;—His Baptism is the cause of our pardon;—His Death is the cause of our life.-Death He alone has overcome in His Resurrection.

5. At His Birth a star of light shone in the air;—when He was baptized light flashed from the water;—at His Death the sun was darkened in the firmament;—at His Passion the luminaries set along with Him;—at His Epiphany the luminaries arose with Him.

6. Revealed was His Glory because of His Majesty;—revealed was His Passion because of His Manhood;—revealed was His Love because of His Graciousness;—revealed was His Judgment because of His Justice.—He has poured forth His attributes, on them that were His.

7. That whoso has looked on His Glory and despised Him,—may look again on His Glory and worship Him;—and whoso has scorned to taste of His Graciousness,—may fear lest he be made to feel His justice;—He has poured forth His helps on His worshippers.

8. Lo! the East in the morning was made light!—lo! the South at noonday was made dark!—The West again in turn at eventide was made light.—The three quarters represent the one Birth;—His Death and His Life they declare.

9. His Birth flowed on and was joined to His Baptism;—and His Baptism again flowed on even to His Death;—His Death led and reached to His Resurrection,—a fourfold bridge unto His Kingdom; and lo! His sheep pass over in His footsteps.

10. And like as, save by the door of birth,—none can enter into creation;—so, save by the door of resurrection,—none can enter into the Kingdom,—and whoso has cut off his bridge, has brought to nought his hope.

I. He put on His armour and conquered and was crowned;—He left His armour on earth and ascended,—that if any man desires the crown,—he may resort to the armour and win by it—the crown of victory which he yearns after.

12. He fulfilled righteousness on earth, and ascended.—But if He, the All-cleanser, was baptized,—What man is there that shall not be baptized?—for grace has come to baptism—to wash away the foulness of our wound.

13. The compulsion of God is an all-prevailing force;—[but that is not pleasing to Him which is of compulsion,]7 —as that which is of discerning will.—Therefore in our fruits He calls us—who live not as under compulsion, by persuasion.

14. Good is He, for lo! He labours in these two things;—He wills not to constrain our freedom—nor again does He suffer us to abuse it.—For had he constrained it, He had taken away its power;—and had He let it go, He had deprived it of help.

15. He knows that if He constrains He deprives us;—He knows that if He casts off He destroys us;—He knows that if He teaches He wins us.—He has not constrained and He has not cast off, as the Evil One does:—He has taught, chastened, and won us, as being the good God.

16. He knows that His treasuries abound:—the keys of His treasuries He has put into our hands.—He has made the Cross our treasurer—to open for us the gates of Paradise,—as Adam opened the gate of Gehenna.

Ephraim, Apapphrat 1304