Fourth Council of Lateran
Fourth Council of Lateran

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  • Headings


    Confession of Faith
    2 On the error of abbot Joachim
    3 On Heretics
    4 On the pride of the Greeks towards the Latins
    5 The dignity of the patriarchal sees
    6 On yearly provincial councils
    7 The correction of offences and the reform of morals
    8 On inquests
    9 On different rites within the same faith
    10 On appointing preachers
    11 On schoolmasters for the poor
    12 On general chapters of monks
    13 A prohibition against new religious orders
    14 Clerical incontinence
    15 Clerical gluttony and drunkeness
    16 Decorum in the dress and behaviour of clerics
    17 Dissolute prelates
    18 Clerics to dissociate from shedding-blood
    19 That profane objects may not be stored in churches
    20 Chrism and the Eucharist to be kept under lock and key
    21 On yearly confession to one's own priest, yearly communion, the confessional seal
    22 Physicians of the body to advise patients to call physicians of the soul
    23 Churches are to be without a prelate for no more than 3 months
    24 Democratic election of pastors
    25 Invalid elections
    26 Nominees for prelatures to be carefully screened
    27 Candidates for the priesthood to be carefully trained and scrutinized
    28 Who asks to resign must resign
    29 Multiple benefices require papal dispensation
    30 Penalties for bestowing ecclesiatical benefices on the unworthy
    31 Canons' sons cannot be canons where their fathers are
    32 Parish priests to have adequate incomes
    33 Renumeration for visitations to be reasonable
    34 Prelates forbidden to procure ecclesiastical services at a profit
    35 On appeal procedures
    36 On interlocutory sentences
    37 On summons by apostolic letter
    38 Written records of trials to be kept
    39 On knowingly receiving stolen goods
    40 True owner is the true possessor even if not possessing the object for a year
    41 No one is to knowingly prescribe an object to the wrong party
    42 Clerics and laity are not to usurp each others rights
    43 Clerics cannot be forced to take oaths of fealty to those from whom they hold no temporalities
    44 Only clerics may dispose of church property
    45 Penalties for patrons who steal church goods or physically harm their clerics
    46 Taxes cannot be levied on the Church, but the Church can volunteer contributions for the common good
    47 On unjust excommunication
    48 Challenging an ecclesiastical judge
    49 Penalties for excommunication out of avarice
    50 Prohibition of marriage is now perpetually restricted to the fourth degree
    51 Clandestine marriages forbidden
    52 On rejecting evidence from hearsay at a matrimonial suit
    53 On those who give their fields to others to be cultivated so as to avoid tithes
    54 Tithes should be paid before taxes
    55 Tithes are to be paid on lands acquired, notwithstanding privileges
    56 A parish priest shall not lose a tithe on account of some people making a pact
    57 Interpreting the words of privileges
    58 On the same in favour of bishops
    59 Religious cannot give surety without permission of his abbot and convent
    60 Abbots not to encroach on episcopal office
    61 Religious may not receive tithes from lay hands
    62 Regarding saint's relics
    63 On simony
    64 Simony with regards to monks and nuns
    65 Simony and extortion
    66 Simony and avarice in clerics
    67 Jews and excessive usury
    68 Jews appearing in public
    69 Jews not to hold public offices
    70 Jewish converts may not retain their old rite
    71 Crusade to recover the Holy Land