1 A Letter to the Jews in Egypt
A Letter to Aristobulus
Fire Consumes Nehemiah's Sacrifice
2 Jeremiah Hides the Tent, Ark, and Altar
The Compiler's Preface
3 Arrival of Heliodorus in Jerusalem
Heliodorus Plans to Rob the Temple
The Lord Protects His Temple
Onias Prays for Heliodorus
The Conversion of Heliodorus
4 Simon Accuses Onias
Jason's Reforms
Jason Introduces Greek Customs
Menelaus Becomes High Priest
The Murder of Onias
Andronicus Is Punished
Unpopularity of Lysimachus and Menelaus
5 Jason Tries to Regain Control
Pillage of the Temple
6 The Suppression of Judaism
Providential Significance of the Persecution
The Martyrdom of Eleazar
7 The Martyrdom of Seven Brothers
8 The Revolt of Judas Maccabeus
Preparation for Battle
Judas Defeats Nicanor
Judas Defeats Timothy and Bacchides
9 The Last Campaign of Antiochus Epiphanes
Antiochus Makes a Promise to God
Antiochus's Letter and Death
10 Purification of the Temple
Accession of Antiochus Eupator
Campaign in Idumea
Judas Defeats Timothy
11 Lysias Besieges Beth-zur
Lysias Makes Peace with the Jews
12 Incidents at Joppa and Jamnia
The Campaign in Gilead
Judas Defeats Timothy's Army
Judas Wins Other Victories
Judas Defeats Gorgias
Prayers for Those Killed in Battle
13 Menelaus Is Put to Death
A Battle Near the City of Modein
Antiochus Makes a Treaty with the Jews
14 Alcimus Speaks against Judas
Nicanor Makes Friends with Judas
Nicanor Turns against Judas
Razis Dies for His Country
15 Nicanor's Arrogance
Judas Prepares the Jews for Battle
The Defeat and Death of Nicanor
The Compiler's Epilogue

Nova Vulgata - Latino
Biblia del Pueblo di Dio (BPD) - Spagnolo
Vulgata - Stuttgart 1969 - Latino
La Sainte Bible (Crampon 1904) - Francese
CEI (1974) - Italiano
Einheits▄bersetzung der Heiligen Sc - Tedesco
Maredsous - BÝblia Ave-Maria (1957) - Portoghese