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1 Arphaxad Fortifies Ecbatana
Nebuchadnezzar Issues Ultimatum
Arphaxad Is Defeated
2 The Expedition against the West
Campaign of Holofernes
3 Entreaties for Peace
4 Judea on the Alert
Prayer and Penance
5 Council against the Israelites
Achior's Report
6 Achior Handed over to the Israelites
7 The Campaign against Bethulia
The Distress of the Israelites
8 The Character of Judith
Judith and the Elders
9 The Prayer of Judith
10 Judith Prepares to Go to Holofernes
Judith Is Captured
Judith Is Brought before Holofernes
11 Judith Explains Her Presence
12 Judith as a Guest of Holofernes
Judith Attends Holofernes' Banquet
13 Judith Beheads Holofernes
Judith Returns to Bethulia
14 Judith's Counsel
Holofernes' Death Is Discovered
15 The Assyrians Flee in Panic
The Israelites Celebrate Their Victory
16 The Renown and Death of Judith

Nova Vulgata - Latino
Biblia del Pueblo di Dio (BPD) - Spagnolo
Vulgata - Stuttgart 1969 - Latino
La Sainte Bible (Crampon 1904) - Francese
CEI (1974) - Italiano
Einheits▄bersetzung der Heiligen Sc - Tedesco
Maredsous - BÝblia Ave-Maria (1957) - Portoghese