Giosuč - Revised Standard Version (1966)
Giosuč 1-5 Preparativi per la conquista di Canaan 6-12 La conquista di Canaan La presa di Gerico 13-22 La distribuzione della terra fra le tribų di Israele 23-24 L'addio di Giosuč


Book of


1 God's Commission to Joshua
Preparations for the Invasion
2 Spies Sent to Jericho
3 Israel Crosses the Jordan
4 Twelve Stones Set Up at Gilgal
5 The New Generation Circumcised
The Passover at Gilgal
Joshua's Vision
6 Jericho Taken and Destroyed
7 The Sin of Achan and Its Punishment
8 Ai Captured by a Stratagem and Destroyed
Joshua Renews the Covenant
9 The Gibeonites Save Themselves by Trickery
10 The Sun Stands Still
Five Kings Defeated
11 The United Kings of Northern Canaan Defeated
Summary of Joshua's Conquests
12 The Kings Conquered by Moses
The Kings Conquered by Joshua
13 The Parts of Canaan Still Unconquered
The Territory East of the Jordan
The Territory of Reuben
The Territory of Gad
The Territory of the Half-Tribe of Manasseh (East)
14 The Distribution of Territory West of the Jordan
Hebron Allotted to Caleb
15 The Territory of Judah
Caleb Occupies His Portion
The Towns of Judah
16 The Territory of Ephraim
17 The Other Half-Tribe of Manasseh (West)
The Tribe of Joseph Protests
18 The Territories of the Remaining Tribes
The Territory of Benjamin
19 The Territory of Simeon
The Territory of Zebulun
The Territory of Issachar
The Territory of Asher
The Territory of Naphtali
The Territory of Dan
Joshua's Inheritance
20 The Cities of Refuge
21 Cities Allotted to the Levites
22 The Eastern Tribes Return to Their Territory
A Memorial Altar East of the Jordan
23 Joshua Exhorts the People
24 The Tribes Renew the Covenant
Death of Joshua and Eleazar

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