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Topic : Teleconference / Celibacy

Teleconference /Celibacy /
04. Prof. Gary Devery (Sydney): The sign of celibacy as a welcoming of the will of God
Document (38 Kb) PROF. GARY DEVERY

Teleconference /Celibacy /
06. Prof. Michael Hull (New York): Responding to Objections to Priestly Celibacy
Document (24 Kb) PROF. MICHAEL HULL

Teleconference /Celibacy /
07. Prof. Louis Aldrich (Taiwan): Celibacy and the Holy Mass: The Eucharistic Sacrificeand the Sacrifice of Life
Document (23 Kb) PROF. LOUIS ALDRICH

Teleconference /Celibacy /
08. Prof. José Vidamor Yu (Manila): How To Live and Witness Celibacy Before A Secularized World
Document (23 Kb) PROF. JOSÉ VIDAMOR YU

Teleconference /Celibacy /
10. Prof. Rodney Moss (Johannesburg): Celibacy as a sign of total dedication to Christ and his Church
Document (32 Kb) PROF. RODNEY MOSS

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