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Premio Bravo - Prize for New Technologies   versione testuale

Mons. Lucio Ruiz has taken the ¡Bravo! Prize for New Technologies
Award Winning Website www.clerus.org, Much More than an Internet Site
The Spanish Episcopal Conference has conferred their annual ¡Bravo! Prize for new technologies to the website www.clerus.org, in light of the service this outlet lends to the formation, spirituality and reflection of the priests of the world, in 6 languages. A rich library, which is constantly enriched, gives service to the Word of God, and its interpretation in light of Church Tradition and Magisterium.
But… what happens in the case of priests without Internet access? Are they left without this service offered by the Congregation for the Clergy? No. Since the beginning the guiding principles behind the creation and development of www.clerus.org have taken into account those who have less, priests located in places in the world where the Internet is costly or hardly available, who do not have the benefit of a reliable computer and can go online very infrequently. Because of this, much more than a website was envisioned. By means of more than 200,000 “Smart CDs” which have been distributed to the priests of the world, the website “installs itself” on the computer of the priest, and a short connection to the Internet is enough so that the CD will automatically guide the update of the contents. If a priest is unable to navigate for some time on the website, the site easily renews itself on the computer.
This technology is inspired by the criteria of the RIIAL to “arrive to the ends of the earth,” always thinking of less fortunate communities, facilitating access also in situations which lack infrastructure. During this Year for Priests, this service takes on an even greater value and relevance.