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Priestly Celibacy: Foundations, Joys and Challenges   versione testuale

Esteemed Brothers in the Episcopate,
Dear Priests and Friends,
With this intervention of mine I wish to express, with a word of encouragement, first and foremost my profound esteem, and that of the Congregation for the Clergy, for the organisers of the Colloquium, who have chosen a theme that is more timely than ever. This is particularly so since the event is occurring in the place which has witnessed the work of St. John Mary Vianney, the comprehensive model of the Sacerdotal ministry and a figure who continues to be a point of reference for the priests of our own time.
The theme that has been given to me is very specific and regards the teaching of the Popes from Pius XI to Benedict XVI. I will approach the presentation by examining some of the more notable documents of the Pontiffs in question, showing the contemporary relevance of their teaching and drawing a synthesis of a number of lines of thought, which I hope might find a place in ecclesiastical formation.