Gregory, pastoral, letters.

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    Gregory the Great
    The Book of Pastoral Rule of Saint Gregory the Great Roman Pontiff to John, Bishop of the City of Ravenna
    1100Part I.
    1101Chapter I. That the Unskilful Venture Not to Approach an Office of Authority.
    1102Chapter II. That None Should Enter on a Place of Government Who Practise Not in Life What They Have Learnt by Study.
    1103Chapter III. Of the Weight of Government; And that All Man-Her of Adversity is to Be Despised, and Prosperity Feared.
    1104Chapter IV. That Far the Most Part the Occupation of Government Dissipates the Solidity of the Mind.
    1105Chapter V. Of Those Who are Able to Profit Others by Virtuous Example in Supreme Rule, But Fly from It in Pursuit of Their Own Ease.
    1106Chapter VI. That Those Who Fly from the Burden of Rule Through Humility are Then Truly Humble When They Resist Not the Divine Decrees.
    1107Chapter VII. That Sometimes Same Laudably Desire the Office of Preaching, While Others, as Laudably, are Drawn to It by Compulsion.
    1108Chapter VIII. Of Those Who Covet Pre-Eminence, and Seize on the Language of the Apostle to Serve the Purpose of Their Own Cupidity.
    1109Chapter IX. That the Mind of Than Who Wish for Pre-Eminence Far the Most Part Flatters Itself with a Feigned Promise of Good Works.
    1110Chapter X. What Manner of Man Ought to Come to Rule.
    1111Chapter XI. What Manner of Man Ought Not to Come to Rule.

    Part II. Of the Life of the Pastor.
    1201Chapter I. How One Who Has in Due Order Arrived at a Place of Rule Ought to Demean Himself in It.
    1202Chapter II. That the Ruler Should Be Pure in Thought.
    1203Chapter III. That the Ruler Should Be Always Chief in Action.
    1204Chapter IV. That the Ruler Should Be Discreet in Keeping Silence, Profitable in Speech.
    1205Chapter V. That the Ruler Should Be a Near Neighbour to Every One in Compassion, and Exalted Above All in Contemplation.
    1206Chapter VI. That the Ruler Should Be, Through Humility, a Companion of Good Livers, But, Through the Zeal of Righteousness, Rigid Against the Vices of Evildoers.
    Chapter VII. That the Ruler Relax Not His Care for the Things that are Within in His Occupation
    1208Chapter VIII. That the Ruler Should Not Set His Heart on Pleasing Men, and Yet Should Give Heed to What Ought to Phase Them.
    1209Chapter IX. That the Ruler Ought to Be Careful to Understand How Commonly Vices Pass Themselves Off as Virtues.
    1210Chapter X. What the Rulerís Discrimination Should Be Between Correction and Connivance, Between Fervour and Gentleness.
    1211Chapter XI. How Intent the Ruler Ought to Be an Meditations in the Sacred Law.

    1300Part III. How the Ruler, While Living Well, Ought to Teach and Admonish Those that are Put Under Him.
    1301Chapter I. What Diversity There Ought to Be in the Art of Preaching.
    1302Chapter II. How the Poor and the Rich Should Be Admonished.
    1303Chapter III. How the Joyful and the Sad are to Be Admonished.
    1304Chapter IV. How Subjects and Prelates are to Be Admonished.
    1305Chapter V. How Servants and Masters are to Be Admonished.
    1306Chapter VI. How the Wise and the Dull are to Be Admonished.
    1307Chapter VII. How the Impudent and Bashful are to Be Admonished.
    1308Chapter VIII. How the Forward and the Faint-Hearted are to Be Admonished.
    1309Chapter IX. How the Impatient and the Patient are to Be Admonished.
    1310Chapter X. How the Kindly-Disposed and the Envious are to Be Admonished.
    1311Chapter XI. How the Simple and the Crafty are to Be Admonished.
    1312Chapter XII. How the Whole and the Sick are to Be Admonished.
    1313Chapter XIII. How Those Who Fear Scourges and Those Who Contemn Them are to Be Admonished.
    1314Chapter XIV. How the Silent and the Talkative are to Be Admonished.
    1315Chapter XV How the Slothful and the Hasty are to Be Admonished.
    1316Chapter XVI. How the Meek and the Passionate are to Be Admonished.
    1317Chapter XVII. How the Humble and the Haughty are to Be Admonished.
    1318Chapter XVIII. How the Obstinate and the Tickle are to Be Admonished.
    1319Chapter XIX. How Those Who Use Food Intemperately and Those Who Use It Sparingly are to Be Admonished.
    1320Chapter XX. How to Be Admonished are Those Who Give Away What is Their Own, and Those Who Seize What Belongs to Others.
    1321Chapter Those are to Be Admonished Who Desire Not the Things of Others, But Keep Their Own; And Those Who Give of Their Own, Yet Seize on Those of Others
    1322Chapter XXII. How Those that are at Variance and Those that are at Peace are to Be Admonished.
    1323Chapter XXIII. How Sowers of Strifes and Peacemakers are to Be Admonished.
    1324Chapter XXIV. How the Rude in Sacred Learning, and Those Who are Learned But Not Humble, are to Be Admonished.
    1325Chapter XXV. How Those are to Be Admonished Who Decline the Office of Preaching Out of Too Great Humility, and Those Who Seize on It with Precipitate Haste.
    1326Chapter XXVI. How Those are to Be Admonished with Whom Everything Succeeds According to Their Wish, and Those with Whom Nothing Does.
    1327Chapter XXVII. How the Married and the Single are to Be Admonished.
    1328Chapter XXVIII. How Those are to Be Admonished Who Have Had Experience of the Sins of the Flesh, and Those Who Have Not.
    1329Chapter XXIX. How They are to Be Admonished Who Lament Sins of Deed, and Those Who Lament Only Sins of Thought.
    1330Chapter XXX. How Those are to Be Admonished Who Abstain Not from the Sins Which They Bewail, and Those Who, Abstaining from Them, Bewail Them Not.
    1331Chapter XXXI. How Those are to Be Admonished Who Praise the Unlawful Things of Which They are Conscious, and Those Who, While Condemning Them, in No Wise Guard Against Them.
    1332Chapter XXXII. How Those are to Be Admonished Who Sin from Sudden Impulse and Those Who Sin Deliberately.
    1333Chapter XXXIII. How Those are to Be Admonished Who Commit Very Small But Frequent Faults, and Those Who, While Avoiding Such as are Very Small, are Sometimes Plunged in Such as are Grievous.
    1334Chapter XXXIV. How Those are to Be Admonished Who Do Not Even Begin Good Things, and Those Who Do Not Finish Them When Begun.
    1335Chapter XXXV. How Those are to Be Admonished Who Do Bad Things Secretly and Good Things Openly, and Those Who Do Contrariwise.
    1336Chapter XXXVI. Concerning the Exhortation to Be Addressed Many at Once, that It May So Aid the Virtues of Each Among Them that Vices Contrary to Such Virtues May Not Grow Up Through
    1337Chapter XXXVII. Of the Exhortation to Be Applied to One Person, Who Labours Under Contrary Passions.
    1338Chapter XXXVIII. That Sometimes Lighter Vices are to Be Left Alone, that More Grievous Ones May Be Removed.
    1339Chapter XXXIX. That Deep Things Ought Not to Be Preached at All to Weak Souls.
    1340Chapter XL. Of the Work and the Voice of Preaching.

    1400Part IV. How the Preacher, When He Has Accomplished All Aright, Should Return to Himself, Lest Either His Life or His Preaching Lift Him Up.

    Register of the Epistles of Saint Gregory the Great.
    20100Book I. The Month of September, Indiction IX., Being the First Year of His Ordination.
    20101Epistle I. To All the Bishops of Sicily.
    20102Epistle II. To Justinus, Praetor of Sicily.
    20103Epistle III. To Paul, Scholasticus.
    20104Epistle IV. To John, Bishop of Constantinople3 .
    20105Epistle V. To Theoctista, Sister of the Emperor.
    20106Epistle VI. To Narses, Patrician9 .
    20107Epistle VII. To Anastasius, Patriarch of Antioch\214\0 .
    20109Epistle IX. To Peter the Subdeacon.
    20110Epistle X. To Bacauda and Agnellus, Bishops.
    20111Epistle XI. To Clementina, Patrician\218\0 .
    20112Epistle XII. To John, Bishop of Urbs Vetus (\IOrvieto\i).
    20116Epistle XVI to Severus, Bishop of Aquileia\221\0 .
    20117Epistle XVII. To All the Bishops of Italy.
    20118Epistle XVIII. To Peter the Subdeacon.
    20119Epistle XIX. To Natalis, Bishop of Salona\223\0 .
    20120Epistle XX. To Honoratus, Deacon of Salona.
    20121Epistle XXI. To Natalis, Bishop of Salona\225\0 .
    20125Epistle XXV. To John, Bishop of Constantinople, and the Other Patriarchs.
    20126Epistle XXVI. To Anastasius, Patriarch of Antioch.
    20127Epistle XXVII. To Anastasius, Archbishop of Corinth.
    20128Epistle XXVIII to Sebastian, Bishop of Rhisinum £[in Dalmatia].
    20129Epistle XXIX. To Aristobulus, Ex-Prefect and Antigraphus\232\0 .
    20130Epistle XXXIII. To Romanus, Patrician, and Exarch of Italy.
    20134Epistle XXXIV. To Venantius, Ex-Monk, Patrician of Syracuse\235\0 .
    20135Epistle XXXV. To Peter, Bishop of Terracina.
    20136Epistle XXXVI. To Peter the Subdeacon.
    20139Epistle XXXIX to Anthemius, Subdeacon\242\0 .
    20141Epistle XLI. To Peter, Subdeacon.
    20143Epistle XLIII. To Leander Bishop of Hispalis (\ISeville\i)\245\0
    20144Epistle XLIV. To Peter, Subdeacon of Sicily.
    20146Epistle XLVI. To Peter the Subdeacon.
    20147Epistle XLVII. To Virgilius, Bishop of Arelate (\IArles\i) and Theodorus, Bishop of Massilia (\IMarseilles\i).
    20148Epistle XLVIII. To Theodorus, Duke of Sardinia.
    20149Epistle XLIX. To Honoratus, Deacon\271\0 .
    20150Epistle L. To Anthemius the Subdeacon\272\0 .
    20152Epistle LII. To Symmachus the Defensor\275\0 .
    20156Epistle LVI. To Peter, Subdeacon.
    20157Epistle LVII. To Severus, Bishop.
    20158Epistle LVIII. To Arsicinus Duke, the Clergy, Nobility, and Common People (\IOrdini Et Plebi\i) of the City of Ariminum.
    20161Epistle LXI. To Gennadius, Patrician and Exarch of Africa.
    20162Epistle LXII. To Januarius, Archbishop of Caralis (Cagliari) in Sardinia.
    20163Epistle LXIII. To Januarius, Bishop of Caralis (\ICagliari\i) in Sardinia\282\0 .
    20166Epistle LXVI. To Felix, Bishop of Messana (Messene).
    20167Epistle LXVII. To Peter, Subdeacon.
    20172Epistle LXXII. To Peter, Subdeacon.
    20174Epistle LXXIV. To Gennadius, Patrician and Exarch of Africa.
    20175Epistle LXXV. To Gennadius, Patrician, and Exarch Throughout Africa.
    20177Epistle LXXVII. To All the Bishops of Numidia.
    20178Epistle LXXVIII. To Leo, Bishop in Corsica.
    20179Epistle LXXIX. To Martinus, Bishop in Corsica.
    20180Epistle LXXX. To the Clergy and Nobles of Corsica.

    Book II
    20203Epistle III. To Velox, Magister Militium.
    20206Epistle VI. To the Neapolitans.
    20207Epistle VII. To Maxlmianus, Bishop of Syracuse5 .
    20209Epistle IX. To the Neapolitans.
    20210Epistle X. To Paulus, Bishop of Naples8 .
    20214Epistle XIL to Castorius, Bishop of Ariminum.
    20215Epistle XV. To Paul, Bishop.
    20218Epistle XVIII. To Natalis, Bishop of Salona\212\0 .
    20219Epistle XIX. To All the Bishops of Dalmatia.
    20220Epistle XX. To Antoninus, Subdeacon\213\0 .
    20222Epistle XXII. To All the Bishops of Illyricum.\215\0
    20223Epistle XXIII. To John, Bishop.
    20226Epistle XXVI. To John, Bishop.
    20227Epistle XXVII. To Rusticiana, Patrician\220\0 .
    20229Epistle XXIX. To Maurilius and Vitalianus\222\0 .
    20230Epistle XXX. To Maurilius and Vitalianus.
    20232Epistle XXXII. To Peter, Subdeacon of Sicily.
    20233Epistle XXXIII. To Justinus, Praetor\244\0 .
    20234Epistle XXXIV. To Maximianus, Bishop of Syracuse.
    20236Epistle XXXVI. To the Abbot Eusebius.
    20237Epistle XXXVII. To John, Bishop of Squillacium (\ISquillace, in Calabria\i).
    20241Epistle XLI. To Castorius, Bishop.
    20242Epistle XLII. To Luminosus, Abbot.
    20246Epistle XLVI. To John, Bishop.
    20247Epistle XLVII. To Dominicus, Bishop.
    20248Epistle XLVIII. To Columbus, Bishop\262\0 .
    20249Epistle XLIX. To Januarius, Archbishop.
    20251Epistle LI. To All Bishops.
    20252Epistle LII. To Natalis, Bishop\269\0 .
    20254Epistle LIV.
    Book III
    20301Epistle I. To Peter, Subdeacon.
    20302Epistle II. To Paulus, Bishop2 .
    20303Epistle III. To John, Abbot3
    20305Epistle V. To Peter, Subdeacon.
    20306Epistle VI. To John, Bishop.
    20307Epistle VII. To John, Bishop.
    20308Epistle VIII. To Natalis, Archbishop.
    20309Epistle IX. To Antoninus, Subdeacon\213\0 .
    20310Epistle X. To Savinus, Subdeacon\214\0 .
    20312Epistle XII. To Maximianus, Bishop.
    20315Epistle XV. To Scholasticus, Judge.
    20322Epistle XXII. To Antoninus, Subdeacon.
    20329Epistle XXIX. To the Presbyters and Clergy of Mediolanum (\IMilan\i)\219\0 .
    20330Epistle XXX. To John, Subdeacon.
    20331Epistle XXXI. To Romanus, Patrician.
    20332Epistle XXXII. To Honoratus, Archdeacon.
    20333Epistle XXXIII. To Dynamius, Patrician.
    20335Epistle XXXV. To Peter, Subdeacon.
    20336Epistle XXXVI. To Sabinus, Guardian (\IDefensorem\i).
    20338Epistle XXXVIII. To Libertinus, Praefect\225\0 .
    20345Epistle XLV. To Andrew, Bishop.
    20346Epistle XLVI. To John, Bishop.
    20347Epistle XLVII. To the Clergy of the Church of Salona\229\0 .
    20348Epistle XLVIII. To Columbus, Bishop\231\0 .
    20349Epistle XLIX. To Adeodatus, Bishop.
    20351Epistle LI. To Maximianus, Bishop.
    20353Epistle LIII. To John, Bishop.
    20356Epistle LVI. To John, Bishop.
    20357Epistle LVII.
    20359Epistle LIX. To Secundinus, Bishop.
    20360Epistle LX. To Italica, Patrician\247\0 .
    20365Epistle LXV. To Mauricius Augustus\248\0 .
    20366Epistle LXVI. To Theodorus, Physician.
    20367Epistle LXVII. To Domitian, Metropolitan\251\0 .

    Book IV
    20401Epistle I. To Constantius, Bishop.
    20402Epistle II. To Constantius, Bishop.
    20403Epistle III. To Constantius, Bishop.
    20404Epistle IV. To Queen Theodelinda.
    20405Epistle V. To Boniface, Bishop.
    20406Epistle VI. To Cyprian, Deacon.
    20407Epistle VII. To Gennadius, Patrician.
    20408Epistle VIII. To Januarius, Bishop.
    20409Epistle IX. To Januarius, Bishop.
    20410Epistle X. To All the Bishops of Dalmatia.
    20411Epistle XI. To Maximianus, Bishop.
    20415Epistle XV to Januarius, Bishop.
    20418Epistle XVIII. To Maurus, Abbot.
    20420Epistle XX. To Maximus, Pretender (\IProesumptorem\i)\222\0 .
    20421Epistle XXI. To Venantius, Bishop.
    20423Epistle XXIII. To Hospito, Duke of the Barbaricini\225\0 .
    20424Epistle XXIV. To Zabardas, Duke of Sardinia.
    20425Epistle XXV. To the Nobles and Proprietors in Sardinia.
    20426Epistle XXVI, to Januarius, Bishop.
    20427Epistle XXVII. To Januarius, Bishop.
    20429Epistle XXIX. To Januarius, Bishop.
    20430Epistle XXX to Constantina Augusta.
    20431Epistle XXXI. To Theodorus, Physician.
    20432Epistle XXXII. To Narses the Patrician.
    20433Epistle XXXIII. To Anthemius, Subdeacon.
    20434Epistle XXXIV. To Pantaleo, Praefect
    20435Epistle XXXV. To Victor and Columbus, Bishops\242\0 .
    20436Epistle XXXVI. Leo, Bishop.
    20438Epistle XXXVIII. To Queen Theodelinda.
    20439Epistle XXXIX. To Constantius, Bishop.
    20446Epistle XLVI. To Rusticiana, Patrician.
    20447Epistle XLVII. To Sabinianus, Deacon\253\0 .
    Book V
    20502Epistle II. To Felix, Bishop, and Cyriacus, Abbot1
    20504Epistle IV. To Constantius, Bishop.
    20505Epistle V. To Dominicus, Bishop.
    20508Epistle VIII. To Cyprian, Deacon.
    20511Epistle XI. To John, Bishop.
    20515Epistle XV. To John, Bishop.
    20517Epistle XVII. To Cyprian, Deacon9 .
    20518Epistle XVIII. To John, Bishop.
    20519Epistle XIX. To Sabinianus, Deacon\215\0
    20520Epistle XX. To Mauricius Augustus.
    20521Epistle XXI. To Constantina Augusta\219\0 .
    20523Epistle XXIII. To Castorius, Notary.
    20525Epistle XXV. To Severus, Bishop.
    20526Epistle XXVI. To the People of Ravenna.
    20529Epistle XXIX. To Vincomalus, Guardian (\IDefensorem\i)\224\0 .
    20530Epistle XXX. To Mauricius Augustus.
    20536Epistle XXXVI. To Severus, \IScholasticus\i.
    20539Epistle XXXIX. To Anastasius, Bishop\228\0 .
    20540Epistle XL. To Mauricius Augustus.
    20541Epistle XLI. To Constantina Augusta.
    20542Epistle XLII. To Sebastian, Bishop.
    20543Epistle XLIII. To Eulogius and Anastasius, Bishops.
    20548Epistle XLVIII. To Andrew, Scholasticus\239\0 .
    20549Epistle XLIX. To Leander, Bishop.
    20552Epistle LII. To John, Archbishop.
    20553Epistle LIII. To Virgilius, Bishop.
    20554Epistle LIV. To All the Bishops of the Kingdom of Childebert.
    20555Epistle LV. To King Childebert.
    20556Epistle LVI. To Marinianus, Bishop.
    20557Epistle LVII. To John, Bishop.
    20558Epistle LVIII. To All the Bishops Throughout Helladia\252\0 .

    Book VI
    20601Epistle I. To Marinianus, Bishop.
    20602Epistle II to the Clergy and People of Ravenna.
    20603Epistle III. To Maximus of Salona.
    20605Epistle V. To Queen Brunichild.
    20606Epistle VI. To King Childebert.
    20607Epistle VII. To Candidus, Presbyter.
    20608Epistle VIII. To the Bishops of Epirus.
    20609Epistle IX. To Donus, Bishop.
    20612Epistle XII. To Montana and Thomas.
    20614Epistle XIV. To the Count Narses\215\0 ).
    20615Epistle XV. To John, Bishop.
    20616Epistle XVI. To Mauricius, Augustus.
    20617Epistle XVII. To Theotistus.
    20618Epistle XVIII. To John, Bishop.
    20622Epistle XXII. To Peter, Bishop.
    20624Epistle XXIV. To Marinianus, Bishop.
    20625Epistle XXV. To Maximus of Salona.
    20626Epistle XXVI. To the Salonitans.
    20627Epistle XXVII. To the Clergy and People of Jadera\224\0 .
    20629Epistle XXIX. To Marinianus, Bishop.
    20630Epistle XXX. To Secundus.
    20632Epistle XXXII. To Fortunatus, Bishop.
    20634Epistle XXXIV. To Castorius, Notary.
    20635Epistle XXXV. To Anthemius, Subdeacon.
    20637Epistle XXXVII. To Columbus, Bishop.
    20643Epistle XLIII. To Venantius, Patrician.
    20644Epistle XLIV. To John, Bishop.
    20646Epistle XLVI. To Felix, Bishop of Pisaurum (\IPesaro\i).
    20648Epistle XLVIII. To Urbicus, Abbot.
    20649Epistle XLIX. To Palladius, Bishop.
    20650Epistle L. To Queen Brunichild.
    20651Epistle LI. To the Brethren Going to England (\IAngliam\i)\239\0 .
    20652Epistle LII. To Pelagius and Serenus, Bishops.
    20653Epistle LIII. To Virgilius, Bishop.
    20654Epistle LIV. To Desiderius and Syagrius, Bishops.
    20655Epistle LV. To Protasius, Bishop.
    20656Epistle LVI. To Stephen, Abbot\243\0 .
    20657Epistle LVII. To Arigius, Patrician\244\0 .
    20658Epistle LVIII. To Theodoric and Theodebert\245\0 .
    Epistle LIX. To Brunichild, Queen of the Franks.
    20660Epistle LX. To Eulogius, Bishop.
    20661Epistle LXI. To Castorius, Notary\250\0 .
    20663Epistle LXIII. To Gennadius, Patrician\253\0 .
    20665Epistle LXV. To Mauricius, Emperor.
    20666Epistle LXVI. To Athanasius, Presbyter.

    Book VII
    20702Epistle II. To Columbus, Bishop.
    20704Epistle IV. To Cyriacus, Bishop.
    20705Epistle V. To Cyriacus, Bishop.
    20706Epistle VI. To Mauricius Augustus.
    20707Epistle VII. To Peter, Domitian, and Elpidius.
    20711Epistle XI. To Rufinus, Bishop of Ephesus.
    20712Epistle XII. To Respecta, Abbess.
    20713Epistle XIII. To Fortunatus, Bishop.
    20715Epistle XV. To George, Presbyter.
    20717Epistle XVII. To Sabinianus, Bishop.
    20719Epistle XIX to Marinianus, Archbishop.
    20720Epistle XX. To the Clergy and People Ariminum\216\0 .
    20723Epistle XXIII. To Fortunatus and Anthemius\219\0 .
    20725Epistle XXV. To Gregoria.
    20726Epistle XXVI. To Theoctista, Patrician\222\0 .
    20727Epistle XXVII. To Anastasius, Bishop.
    20728Epistle XXVIII. To Theodore, Physician.
    20730Epistle XXX. To Narses, the Religious (\INarsae Relegioso\i)\228\0
    20731Epistle XXXI. To Cyriacus, Bishop.
    20732Epistle XXXII. To Anastaslus, Presbyters\232\0 .
    20733Epistle XXXIII. To Mauricius Augustus.
    20734Epistle XXXIV. To Eulogius, Bishop.
    20735Epistle XXXV. To Dominicus, Bishop.
    20738Epistle XXXVIII. To Donus, Bishop.
    20739Epistle XXXIX. To John, Bishop.
    20740Epistle XL. To Eulogius, Bishop.
    20742Epistle XLII. To Marinianus, Bishop.
    20743Epistle XLIII. To Marinianus, Bishop.

    Book VIII
    20801Epistle I. To Peter, Bishop.
    20802Epistle II. To Anastasius, Bishop of Antioch.
    20803Epistle III. To Donus, Bishop of Messana (\IIn Sicily\i).
    20805Epistle V. To Various Metropolitans and Bishops8 .
    20806Epistle VI. To Amos, Patriarch of Jerusalem.
    20810Epistle X. To Sabinianus, Bishop of Jadera9 .
    20813Epistle XIII. To Columbus.
    20814Epistle XIV. To Boniface, First Guardian (\IDefensorem\i).
    20815Epistle XV. To Marinianus, Bishop of Ravenna.
    20817Epistle XVII. To Maurentius.
    20818Epistle XVIII. To Agnellus, Bishop of Terracina.
    20820Epistle XX. To Marinianus, Bishop of Ravenna.
    20821Epistle XXI. To John, Bishop of Syracuse.
    20822Epistle XXII. To Rusticiana, Patrician\220\0 .
    20823Epistle XXIII. To Fantinus, Guardian (\IDefensorem\i).
    20824Epistle XXIV. To Sabinianus, Bishop of Jadera\222\0 .
    20829Epistle XXIX. To Eulogius, Bishop of Alexandria.
    20830Epistle XXX. To Eulogius, Bishop of Alexandria.
    20833Epistle XXXIII. To Dominicus.
    20834Epistle XXXIV. To John Bishop of Scyllacium\232\0 .
    20835Epistle XXXV. To Leontius, Ex-Consul.

    Selected Epistles (Books IX.ĖXIV).

    20901Book IX
    Epistle I.
    20902Epistle II.
    20903Epistle III.
    20904Epistle IV.
    20905Epistle V.
    20906Epistle VI.
    20907Epistle VII.
    20908Epistle VIII.
    20909Epistle IX.
    20910Epistle X.
    20911Epistle XI.
    20912Epistle XII.
    20917Epistle XVII.
    20918Epistle XVIII.
    20919Epistle XIX.
    20923Epistle XXIII.
    20924Epistle XXIV.
    20926Epistle XXVI.
    20927Epistle XXVII.
    20933Epistle XXXIII.
    20936Epistle XXXVI.
    20941Epistle XLI.
    20942Epistle XLII.
    20943Epistle XLIII.
    20949Epistle XLIX.
    20955Epistle LV.
    20958Epistle LVIII.
    20959Epistle LIX.
    20960Epistle LX.
    20961Epistle LXI.
    20962Epistle LXII.
    20965Epistle LXV.
    20967Epistle LXVII.
    20968Epistle LXVIII.
    20978Epistle LXXVIII.
    20979Epistle LXXIX.
    20980Epistle LXXX.
    20981Epistle LXXXI.
    20982Epistle LXXXII.
    20991Epistle XCI).
    20993Epistle XCIII.
    20994Epistle XCIV.
    20998Epistle XCVIII.
    29105Epistle CV.
    29106Epistle CVI.
    29107Epistle CVII.
    29108Epistle CVIII.
    29109Epistle CIX.
    29110Epistle CX.
    29111Epistle CXI.
    29114Epistle CXIV.
    29115Epistle CXV.
    29116Epistle CXVI.
    29117Epistle CXVII.
    29120Epistle CXX.
    29121Epistle CXXI.
    29122Epistle CXXII.
    29123Epistle CXXIII.
    29125Epistle CXXV.
    29127Epistle CXXVII.

    21010Book X
    Epistle X.
    21015Epistle XV.
    21018Epistle XVIII.
    21019Epistle XIX.
    21023Epistle XXIII.
    21024Epistle XXIV.
    21031Epistle XXXI.
    21035Epistle XXXV.
    21036Epistle XXXVI.
    21037Epistle XXXVII.
    21039Epistle XXXIX.
    21042Epistle XLII.
    21062Epistle LXII.
    21063Epistle LXIII.
    21101Book XI.
    Epistle I.
    21112Epistle XII.
    21113Epistle XIII.
    21125Epistle XXV.
    21128Epistle XXVIII.
    21129Epistle XXIX.
    21130Epistle XXX.
    21132Epistle XXXII.
    21133Epistle XXXIII.
    21135Epistle XXXV.
    21136Epistle XXXVI.
    21137Epistle XXXVII.
    21138Epistle XXXVIII.
    21140Epistle XL.
    21144Epistle XLIV.
    21145Epistle XLV.
    21146Epistle XLVI.
    21147Epistle XLVII.
    21150Epistle L.
    21154Epistle LIV.
    21155Epistle LV.
    21156Epistle LVI.
    21157Epistle LVII.
    21158Epistle LVIII.
    21159Epistle LIX.
    21160Epistle LX.
    21161Epistle LXI.
    21162Epistle LXII.
    21163Epistle LXIII.
    21164Epistle LXIV.
    21165Epistle LXV.
    21166Epistle LXVI.
    21167Epistle LXVII.
    21168Epistle LXVIII.
    21169Epistle LXIX.
    21176Epistle LXXVI.
    21177Epistle LXXVII.
    21178Epistle LXXVIII.

    21201Book XII
    Epistle I.
    21208Epistle VIII.
    21224Epistle XXIV.
    21225Epistle XXV.
    21228Epistle XXVIII.
    21229Epistle XXIX.
    21232Epistle XXXII.
    21250Epistle L.

    Book XIII
    21301Epistle I.
    21305Epistle V.
    21306Epistle VI.
    21307Epistle VII.
    21308Epistle VIII.
    21309Epistle IX.
    21310Epistle X.
    21312Epistle XII.
    21318Epistle XVIII.
    21322Epistle XXII.
    21326Epistle XXVI.
    21327Epistle XXVII.
    21331Epistle XXXI.
    21334Epistle XXXIV.
    21338Epistle XXXVIII.
    21339Epistle XXXIX.
    21340Epistle XL.
    21341Epistle XLI.
    21342Epistle XLII.

    21402Book XIV
    Epistle II.
    21404Epistle IV.
    21407Epistle VII.
    21408Epistle VIII.
    21412Epistle XII.
    21413Epistle XIII.
    21416Epistle XVI.
    21417Epistle XVII.