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1 The Two Ways
2 God's Promise to His Anointed
3 Trust in God under Adversity
4 Confident Plea for Deliverance from Enemies
5 Trust in God for Deliverance from Enemies
6 Prayer for Recovery from Grave Illness
7 Plea for Help against Persecutors
8 Divine Majesty and Human Dignity
9 God's Power and Justice
10 Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
11 Song of Trust in God
12 Plea for Help in Evil Times
13 Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
14 Denunciation of Godlessness
15 Who Shall Abide in God's Sanctuary?
16 Song of Trust and Security in God
17 Prayer for Deliverance from Persecutors
18 Royal Thanksgiving for Victory
19 God's Glory in Creation and the Law
20 Prayer for Victory
21 Thanksgiving for Victory
22 Plea for Deliverance from Suffering and Hostility
23 The Divine Shepherd
24 Entrance into the Temple
25 Prayer for Guidance and for Deliverance
26 Plea for Justice and Declaration of Righteousness
27 Triumphant Song of Confidence
28 Prayer for Help and Thanksgiving for It
29 The Voice of God in a Great Storm
30 Thanksgiving for Recovery from Grave Illness
31 Prayer and Praise for Deliverance from Enemies
32 The Joy of Forgiveness
33 The Greatness and Goodness of God
34 Praise for Deliverance from Trouble
35 Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
36 Human Wickedness and Divine Goodness
37 Exhortation to Patience and Trust
38 A Penitent Sufferer's Plea for Healing
39 Prayer for Wisdom and Forgiveness
40 Thanksgiving for Deliverance and Prayer for Help
41 Assurance of God's Help and a Plea for Healing
42 Longing for God and His Help in Distress
43 Prayer to God in Time of Trouble
44 National Lament and Prayer for Help
45 Ode for a Royal Wedding
46 God's Defense of His City and People
47 God's Rule over the Nations
48 The Glory and Strength of Zion
49 The Folly of Trust in Riches
50 The Acceptable Sacrifice
51 Prayer for Cleansing and Pardon
52 Judgment on the Deceitful
53 Denunciation of Godlessness
54 Prayer for Vindication
55 Complaint about a Friend's Treachery
56 Trust in God under Persecution
57 Praise and Assurance under Persecution
58 Prayer for Vengeance
59 Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
60 Prayer for National Victory after Defeat
61 Assurance of God's Protection
62 Song of Trust in God Alone
63 Comfort and Assurance in God's Presence
64 Prayer for Protection from Enemies
65 Thanksgiving for Earth's Bounty
66 Praise for God's Goodness to Israel
67 The Nations Called to Praise God
68 Praise and Thanksgiving
69 Prayer for Deliverance from Persecution
70 Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
71 Prayer for Lifelong Protection and Help
72 Prayer for Guidance and Support for the King
73 Plea for Relief from Oppressors
74 Plea for Help in Time of National Humiliation
75 Thanksgiving for God's Wondrous Deeds
76 Israel's God -- Judge of All the Earth
77 God's Mighty Deeds Recalled
78 God's Goodness and Israel's Ingratitude
79 Plea for Mercy for Jerusalem
80 Prayer for Israel's Restoration
81 God's Appeal to Stubborn Israel
82 A Plea for Justice
83 Prayer for Judgment on Israel's Foes
84 The Joy of Worship in the Temple
85 Prayer for the Restoration of God's Favor
86 Supplication for Help against Enemies
87 The Joy of Living in Zion
88 Prayer for Help in Despondency
89 God's Covenant with David
90 God's Eternity and Human Frailty
91 Assurance of God's Protection
92 Thanksgiving for Vindication
93 The Majesty of God's Rule
94 God the Avenger of the Righteous
95 A Call to Worship and Obedience
96 Praise to God Who Comes in Judgment
97 The Glory of God's Reign
98 Praise the Judge of the World
99 Praise to God for His Holiness
100 All Lands Summoned to Praise God
101 A Sovereign's Pledge of Integrity and Justice
102 Prayer to the Eternal King for Help
103 Thanksgiving for God's Goodness
104 God the Creator and Provider
105 God's Faithfulness to Israel
106 A Confession of Israel's Sins
107 Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Many Troubles
108 Praise and Prayer for Victory
109 Prayer for Vindication and Vengeance
110 Assurance of Victory for God's Priest-King
111 Praise for God's Wonderful Works
112 Blessings of the Righteous
113 God the Helper of the Needy
114 God's Wonders at the Exodus
115 The Impotence of Idols and the Greatness of God
116 Thanksgiving for Recovery from Illness
117 Universal Call to Worship
118 A Song of Victory
119 The Glories of God's Law
120 Prayer for Deliverance from Slanderers
121 Assurance of God's Protection
122 Song of Praise and Prayer for Jerusalem
123 Supplication for Mercy
124 Thanksgiving for Israel's Deliverance
125 The Security of God's People
126 A Harvest of Joy
127 God's Blessings in the Home
128 The Happy Home of the Faithful
129 Prayer for the Downfall of Israel's Enemies
130 Waiting for Divine Redemption
131 Song of Quiet Trust
132 The Eternal Dwelling of God in Zion
133 The Blessedness of Unity
134 Praise in the Night
135 Praise for God's Goodness and Might
136 God's Work in Creation and in History
137 Lament over the Destruction of Jerusalem
138 Thanksgiving and Praise
139 The Inescapable God
140 Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
141 Prayer for Preservation from Evil
142 Prayer for Deliverance from Persecutors
143 Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
144 Prayer for National Deliverance and Security
145 The Greatness and the Goodness of God
146 Praise for God's Help
147 Praise for God's Care for Jerusalem
148 Praise for God's Universal Glory
149 Praise for God's Goodness to Israel
150 Praise for God's Surpassing Greatness

Nova Vulgata - Lateinische
Biblia del Pueblo di Dio (BPD) - Spanische
Vulgata - Stuttgart 1969 - Lateinische
Bíblia Sagrada Ave-Maria (1957) - Portugiesisch
La Sainte Bible (Crampon 1904) - Französische
CEI (1974) - Italienische
EinheitsÜbersetzung der Heiligen Sc - Deutsche