Leo the Great: sermons
source: NPNF2-12
under the editorial supervision of Philip Schaff
"The Letters and Sermons of Leo the Great Bishop of Rome".

  • NPNF2 7-14

  • Headings

    2001 Sermon I. Preached on His Birthday1 , or Day of Ordination.
    2002 Sermon II. On His Birthday, II.: Delivered on the Anniversary1 Of His Consecration).
    2003 Sermon III. On His Birthday, III: Delivered on the Anniversary of His Elevation to the Pontificate.
    2009 Sermon IX. Upon the Collections1 , IV.
    2010 Sermon X. On the Collections, V.
    2012 Sermon XII. On the Fast of The, Tenth Month, I.1
    2016 Sermon XVI. On the Fast of the Tenth Month.
    2017 Sermon XVII. On the Fast of the Tenth Month, VI.
    2019 Sermon XIX. On the Fast of the Ten Month, VIII.
    2021 Sermon XXI. On the Feast of the Nativity, I.
    2022 Sermon XXII. On the Feast of the Nativity, II.
    2023 Sermon XXIII. On the Feast of the Nativity, III.
    2024 Sermon XXIV. On the Feast of the Nativity, IV.
    2026 Sermon XXVI. On the Feast of the Nativity, VI.
    2027 Sermon XXVII. On the Feast of the Nativity, VII.
    2028 Sermon XXVIII. On the Festival of the Nativity, VIII.
    2031 Sermon XXXI. On the Feast of the Epiphany, I.
    2033 Sermon XXXIII. On the Feast of the Epiphany, III.
    2034 Sermon XXXIV. On the Feast of the Epiphany, IV.
    2036 Sermon XXXVI. On the Feast of the Epiphany, VI.
    2039 Sermon XXXIX. On Lent, I.
    2040 Sermon XL. On Lent, II.
    2042 Sermon XLII. On Lent, IV.
    2046 Sermon XLVI. On Lent, VIII.
    2049 Sermon XLIX. On Lent, XI.
    2051 Sermon LI. A Homily Delivered on the Saturday Before the Second Sunday in LentóOn the Transfiguration, S. Matt. XVII. 1-13.
    2054 Sermon LIV. On the Passion, III.; Delivered on the Sunday Before Easter.
    2055 Sermon LV. On the Lordís Passion IV., Delivered on Wednesday in Holy Week.
    2058 Sermon LVIII. (on the Passion, VII).
    2059 Sermon LIX. (on the Passion, VIII.: on Wednesday in Holy Week).
    2062 Sermon LXII. (on the Passion, XI).
    2063 Sermon LXIII. (on the Passion, XII.: Preached on Wednesday).
    2067 Sermon LXVII. (on the Passion, XVI.: Delivered on the Sunday).
    2068 Sermon LXVIII. (on the Passion, XVII.: Delivered on the Wednesday).
    2071 Sermon LXXI. (on the Lordís Resurrection, I.; Delivered on Holy Saturday in the Vigil of Easter1 ).
    2072 Sermon LXXII. (on the Lordís Resurrection, II).
    2073 Sermon LXXIII. (on the Lordís Ascension, I).
    2074 Sermon LXXIV. (on the Lordís Ascension, II).
    2075 Sermon LXXV. (on Whitsuntide, I).
    2077 Sermon LXXVII. (on Whitsuntide, III).
    2078 Sermon LXXVIII. (on the Whidsuntide Fast, I).
    2082 Sermon LXXXII. On the Feast1 Of the Apostles Peter and Paul (June 29).
    2084 Sermon LXXXIV1 . Concerning the Neglect of the Commemoration.
    2085 Sermon LXXXV. On the Feast of S. Laurence the Martyr1 (Aug. 10).
    2088 Sermon LXXXVIII. On the Fast of the Seventh Month, III1 .
    2090 Sermon XC. (on the Fast of Seventh Month, V).
    2091 Sermon XCI on the Fast of the Seventh Month, .VI.
    2095 Sermon XCV. A Homily on the Beatitudes, St. Mt V. 1-9.