Augustine on NT
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97 [CXLVII. Ben.] Sermons on Selected Lessons of the New Testament.


1 Sermons on Selected Lessons of the New Testament.

51 Sermon I. [LI. Benedictine Edition.]
52 Sermon II). [LII. Ben.]
53 Sermon III. [LIII. Ben.]
54 Sermon IV). [LIV. Ben.]
55 Sermon V). [LV. Ben.]
56 Sermon VI). [LVI. Ben.]
57 Sermon VII. [LVII. Ben.]
58 Sermon VIII. [LVIII. Ben.]
59 Sermon IX). [LIX. Ben.]
60 Sermon X. [LX. Ben.]
61 Sermon XI. [LXI. Ben.]
62 Sermon XII. On the words of the gospel, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof, etc.,
63 Sermon XIII. [LXIII. Ben.]
64 Sermon XIV.
65 Sermon XV. [LXV. Ben.]
66 Sermon XVI. [LXVI. Ben.]
67 Sermon XVII. On the words of the gospel, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, that thou didst hide these things from the wise and understanding, etc.
68 Sermon XVIII. [LXVIII. Ben.]
69 Sermon XIX. [LXIX. Ben.]
70 Sermon XX. [LXX. Ben.]
71 Sermon XXI. [LXXI. Ben.]
72 Sermon XXII. [LXII. Ben.]
73 Sermon XXIII. [LXXIII. Ben.]
74 Sermon XXIV. [LXXIV. Ben.]
75 Sermon XXV. [LXXV. Ben.]
76 Sermon XXVI. [LXXVI. Ben.]
77 Sermon XXVII. [LXXVII. Ben.]
78 Sermon XXVIII. [LXXVII. Ben.]
79 Sermon XXIX. [LXXIX. Ben.]
80 Sermon XXX. [LXXX. Ben.]
81 Sermon XXXI. [LXXXI. Ben.]
82 Sermon XXXII. [LXXXII. Ben]
83 Sermon XXXIII. [LXXXIII. Ben]
84 Sermon XXXIV. [LXXXIV. Ben.]
85 Sermon XXXV. [LXXXV. Ben.]
86 Sermon XXXVI. [LXXXVI. Ben.]
87 Sermon XXXVII. [LXXXVII. Ben.]
88 Sermon XXXVIII. [LXXXVIII. Ben.]
89 Sermon XXXIX. [LXXXIX. Ben.]
90 Sermon XL. [XC. Ben.]
91 Sermon XLI. [XCI. Ben.]
92 Sermon XLII. [XCII. Ben.]
93 Sermon XLIII. [XCIII. Ben.]
94 Sermon XLIV. [XCIV. Ben.]
95 Sermon XLV. [XCV. Ben.]
96 Sermon XLVI. [XCVI. Ben.]
97 Sermon XLVII. [XCVII. Ben.]
98 Sermon XLVIII. [XCVIII. Ben.]
99 Sermon XLIX. [XCIX. Ben.]
100 Sermon L. [C. Ben.]
101 Sermon LI. [CI. Ben.]
102 Sermon LII. [CII. Ben.]
103 Sermon LIII. [CIII. Ben.]
104 Sermon LIV. [CIV. Ben.]
105 Sermon LV). [CV. Ben.]
106 Sermon LVI. [CVI. Ben.]
107 Sermon LVII. [CVII. Ben.]
108 Sermon LVIII. [CVIII. Ben.]
109 Sermon LIX. [CIX. Ben.]
110 Sermon LX. [CX. Ben.]
111 Sermon LXI. [CXI. Ben.]
112 Sermon LXII. [XCII. Ben.]
113 Sermon LXIII. [CXIII. Ben.]
114 Sermon LXIV. [CXIV. Ben.]
115 Sermon LXV. [CXV. Ben.]
116 Sermon LXVI. [CXVI. Ben.]
117 Sermon LXVII. [CXVII. Ben.]
118 Sermon LXVIII. [CXVIII. Ben.]
119 Sermon LXIX. [CXIX. Ben.]
120 Sermon LXX. [CXX. Ben.]
121 Sermon LXXI. [CXXI. Ben.]
122 Sermon LXXII. [CXXII. Ben.]
123 Sermon LXXIII. [CXXIII. Ben.]
124 Sermon LXXIV. [CXXIV. Ben]]
125 Sermon LXXV. [CXXV. Ben.]
126 Sermon LXXVI. [CXXVI. Ben.]
127 Sermon LXXVII. [CXXVII. Ben.]
128 Sermon LXXVIII. [CXXVIII. Ben.]
129 Sermon LXXIX. [CXXIX.. Ben.]
130 Sermon LXXX. [CXXX. Ben.]
131 Sermon LXXXI. [CXXXI. Ben.]
132 Sermon LXXXII. [CXXXII. Ben.]
133 Sermon LXXXIII. [CXXXIII. Ben.]
134 Sermon LXXXIV. [CXXXIV. Ben.]
135 Sermon LXXXV. [CXXXV. Ben.]
136 Sermon LXXXVI [CXXXVI. Ben.]
137 Sermon LXXXVII. [CXXXVII. Ben]
138 Sermon LXXXVIII. [CXXXVIII. Ben.]
139 Sermon LXXXIX.
140 Sermon XC. [CXL. Ben.]
141 Sermon XCI. [CXLI. Ben.]
142 Sermon XCII. [CXLII. Ben.]
143 Sermon XCIII. [CXLIII. Ben.]
144 Sermon XCIV. [CXLIV. Ben.]
145 Sermon XCV. [CXLV. Ben.]
146 Sermon XCVI. [CXLVI. Ben.]
147 Sermon XCVII. [CXLVII. Ben.]