Chrysostom: Priesthood
St John Chrysostom
Treatise on the Priesthood
in Roberts, Alexander and Donaldson, James, \INicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First Series: Volume IX\i.
npnf1-9 - Edited by Philip Schaff 1889
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5 Prolegomena.   
The Life and Work of St. John Chrysostom.   
Chapter I.—Literature.   
I. Editions of Chrysostom’s Works   
6 II. Translations.
III. Biographies and Essays.
7 Chapter II.—Chrysostom’s Youth and Training, a.d. 347–370.
8 Chapter III.—His Conversion and Ascetic Life.
Chapter IV.—Chrysostom Evades Election to a Bishopric, and Writes His Work on the Priesthood.
9 Chapter V.—Chrysostom as a Monk. A.D. 374–381.
10 Chapter VI.—Chrysostom as Deacon, Priest and Preacher at Antioch. A.D. 381–398.
Chapter VII.—Chrysostom as Patriarch of Constantinople. A.D. 398–404.
11 Chapter VIII.—Chrysostom and Theophilus. His First Deposition and Banishment.
Chapter IX.—Chrysostom Owns Tacoma. His Second, Banishment, a.d. 401).
12 Chapter X.—Chrysostom in Exile. Lids Death. A.D. 404–407).
13 Chapter XI.—His Character).
Chapter XII.—The Writings of Chrysostom).
14 Chapter XIII.—His Theology and Exegesis).
15 Chapter XIV.—Chrysostom as a Preacher.
St. Jn Chrysostom
100 Treatise on the Priesthood.
101 Book I.
201 Book II.
301 Book III.
401 Book IV.
501 Book V.
601 Book VI.