Baltimore's Catechism
Revised Edition of the BALTIMORE CATECHISM No. 2.
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine 1941.


Baltimore's Catechism

A Catechism of Christian Doctrine

Revised Edition of the BALTIMORE CATECHISM No. 2

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine 1941


LESSON 1 -- The Purpose of Man's Existence
LESSON 2 -- God and His Perfections
LESSON 3 -- The Unity and Trinity of God
LESSON 4 -- Creation and the Angels
LESSON 5 -- The Creation and the Fall of Man
LESSON 6 -- Actual Sin
LESSON 7 -- The Incarnation
LESSON 8 -- The Redemption
LESSON 9 -- The Holy Ghost and Grace
LESSON 10 -- The Virtues and the Gifts of the Holy Ghost
LESSON 11 -- The Catholic Church
LESSON 12 - The Marks and Attributes of the Church
LESSON 13 - The Communion of Saints and the Forgiveness of Sins
LESSON 14 -- The Resurrection and Life Everlasting

LESSON 15 -- The Two Great Commandments
LESSON 16 -- The First Commandmend of God
LESSON 17 -- Honoring the Saints, Relics, and Images
LESSON 18 - The Second and Third Commandments of God
LESSON 19 -- The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Commandments of God
LESSON 20 -- The Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Commandments of God
LESSON 21 -- The Commandments of the Church; The First and Second Commandments
LESSON 22 -- The Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Commandments of the Church

LESSON 23 -- The Sacraments
LESSON 24 -- Baptism
LESSON 25 -- Confirmation
LESSON 26 -- The Holy Eucharist
LESSON 27 -- The Sacrifice of the Mass
LESSON 28 -- Holy Communion
LESSON 29 -- Penance
LESSON 30 -- Contrition
LESSON 31 -- Confession
LESSON 32 -- How to Make a Good Confession
LESSON 33 -- Temporal Punishment and Indulgences
LESSON 34 -- Extreme Unction and Holy Orders
LESSON 35 -- Matrimony
LESSON 36 -- The Sacramentals
LESSON 37 -- Prayer
LESSON 38 -- The Our Father

APPENDIX -- Why I Am a Catholic
I. How does our reason point out the truth of the Catholic religion?
II. How can we prove that there is a God?
III. How can we prove that the soul of man is immortal?
IV. How we prove that all men are obliged to practice religion?
V. How can we prove that the religion God has revealed through Christ is worthy of belief?
VI. How can we prove that Christ established a Church which all are obliged to join?
VII. How can we prove that the only true Church of Christ is the Catholic Church?
VIII. Whence do we chiefly derive our historical knowledge of Jesus Christ, His life and teachings, and of the Church He established?
IX. What else are the books of the Bible besides being reliable historical records?
X. How is the Bible divided?
XI. Are all the truths revealed for us by God found in the Bible?
XII. What is meant by Divine Tradition?
XIII. Why must Divine Tradition be believed as firmly as the Bible?
XIV. How can we know the true meaning of the doctrines contained in the Bible and in Divine Tradition?
XV. How can we best show our gratitude to God for making us members of the only true Church of Jesus Christ?
XVI. How can we help the missions?