Jerome - Letters
NPNF2-06 Jerome selected works and letters.
The Letters of St. Jerome.

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    1 Letter I. To Innocent.
    2 Letter II. To Theodosius and the Rest of the Anchorites.
    3 Letter III. To Rufinus the Monk.\222\0
    4 Letter IV. To Florentius.
    Letter V. To Florentius.
    6 Letter VI. To Julian, a Deacon of Antioch
    7 Letter VII. To Chromatius, Jovinus, and Eusebius.\290\0
    8 Letter VIII. To Niceas, Sub-Deacon of Aquileia.
    Letter IX. To Chrysogonus, a Monk of Aquileia.
    10 Letter X. To Paul, an Old Man of Concordia.
    Letter XI. To the Virgins of Aemona.
    12 Letter XII. To Antony, Monk.
    Letter XIII. To Castorina, His Maternal Aunt.
    14 Letter XIV. To Heliodorus, Monk.
    Letter XV. To Pope Damasus.
    Letter XVI. To Pope Damasus.
    17 Letter XVII. To the Presbyter Marcus.
    18 Letter XVIII. To Pope Damasus
    Letter XIX. From Pope Damasus.
    Letter XX. To Pope Damasus.
    Letter XXI. To Damasus
    Letter XXII. To Eustochium.
    23 Letter XXIII. To Marcella.
    Letter XXIV. To Marcella.
    Letter XXV. To Marcella.
    Letter XXVI. To Marcella.
    Letter XXVII. To Marcella.
    28 Letter XXVIII. To Marcella.
    Letter XXIX. To Marcella.
    Letter XXX. To Paula
    Letter XXXI. To Eustochium.
    32 Letter XXXII. To Marcella.
    Letter XXXIII. To Paula.
    34 Letter XXXIV. To Marcella.
    35 Letter XXXV. From Pope Damasus.
    36 Letter XXXVI. To Pope Damasus.
    Letter XXXVII. To Marcella.
    Letter XXXVIII. To Marcella.
    Letter XXXIX. To Paula.
    Letter XL. To Marcella.
    41 Letter XLI. To Marcella.
    42 Letter XLII. To Marcella.
    Letter XLIII. To Marcella.
    44 Letter XLIV. To Marcella.
    45 Letter XLV. To Asella.
    46 Letter XLVI. Paula and Eustochium to Marcella.
    47 Letter XLVII. To Desiderius.
    Letter XLVIII. To Pammachius.
    Letter XLIX. To Pammachius.
    50 Letter L. To Domnio.
    Letter LI. From Epihanius, Bishop of Salamis, in Cyprus, to John, Bishop of Jerusalem.
    52 Letter LII. To Nepotian.
    53 Letter LIII. To Paulinus.
    Letter LIV. To Furia.
    Letter LV. To Amandus.
    56 Letter LVI. From Augustine
    57 Letter LVII. To Pammachius on the Best Method of Translating.
    58 Letter LVIII. To Paulinus.
    59 Letter LIX. To Marcella.
    Letter LX. To Heliodorus
    Letter LXI. To Vigilantius.
    62 Letter LXII. To Tranquillinus.
    Letter LXIII. To Theophilus.
    65 Letter LXV. To Principia.
    Letter LXVI. To Pammachius.
    67 Letter LXVII. From Augustine.
    Letter LXVIII. To Castrutius.
    69 Letter LXIX. To Oceanus.
    70 Letter LXX. Tomagnus an Orator of Rome.
    71 Letter LXXI. To Lucinius.
    72 Letter LXXII. To Vitalis.
    73 Letter LXXIII. To Evangelus.
    74 Letter LXXIV. To Rufinus of Rome.
    75 Letter LXXV. To Theodora.
    76 Letter LXXVI. To Abigaus.
    Letter LXXVII. To Oceanus.
    78 Letter LXXVIII. To Fabiola.
    79 Letter LXXIX. To Salvina.
    Letter LXXX. From Rufinus to Macarius.
    81 Letter LXXXI. To Rufinus.
    Letter LXXXII. To Theophilus Bishop of Alexandria.
    Letter LXXXIII. From Pammachius and Oceanus.
    84 Letter LXXXIV. To Pammachius and Oceanus.
    Letter LXXXV. To Paulinus.
    Letter LXXXVI. To Theophilus.
    Letter LXXXVII. From the Ophilus to Jerome.
    88 Letter LXXXVIII. To Theophilus.
    Letter LXXXIX. From Theophilus to Jerome.
    Letter XC. From Theophilus to Epiphanius.
    91 Letter XCI. From Epiphanius to Jerome.
    Letter XCII. The Synodical Letter of Theophilus to the Bishops of Palestine and of Cyprus.
    Letter XCIII. From the Bishops of Palestine to Theophilus.
    94 Letter XCIV. From Dionysius to Theophilus.
    95 Letter XCV. From Pope Anastasius to Simplicianus.
    96 Letter XCVI. From Theophilus.
    97 Letter XCVII. To Pammachius and Marcella.
    98 Letter XCVIII. From Theophilus.
    99 Letter XCIX. To Theophilus.
    100 Letter C. From Theophilus.
    101 Letter CI. From Augustine.
    102 Letter CII. To Augustine.
    103 Letter CIII. To Augustine.
    104 Letter CIV. From Augustine.
    105 Letter CV. To Augustine.
    106 Letter CVI. To Sunnias and Fretela.
    Letter CVII. To Laeta.
    108 Letter CVIII. To Eustochium.
    The Inscription On Paula’s Tomb.
    109 Letter CIX. To Riparius.
    110 Letter CX. From Augustine.
    111 Letter CXI. From Augustine to Prsidius.
    112 Letter CXII. To Augustine.
    113 Letter CXIII. From Theophilus to Jerome.
    114 Letter CXIV. To Theophilus.
    Letter CXV. To Augustine.
    116 Letter CXVI. From Augustine.
    117 Letter CXVII. To a Mother and Daughter Living in Gaul.
    Letter CXVIII. To Julian.
    119 Letter CXIX. To Minervius and Alexander.
    120 Letter CXX. To Hedibia.\23111\0
    Letter CXXI. To Algasia.
    122 Letter CXXII. To Rusticus.
    123 Letter CXXIII. To Ageruchia.
    124 Letter CXXIV. To Avitus.
    Letter CXXV. To Rustics.
    126 Letter CXXVI. To Marcellinus and Anapsychia.
    Letter CXXVII. To Principia.
    128 Letter CXXVIII. To Gaudentius.
    129 Letter CXXIX. To Dardanus.
    130 Letter CXXX. To Demetrias.
    131 Letter CXXXI. From Augustine.
    132 Letter CXXXII. From Augustine.
    133 Letter CXXXIII. To Ctesiphon.
    Letter CXXXIV. To Augustine.
    135 Letter CXXXV. From Pope Innocent to Aurelius.
    136 Letter CXXXVI. From Pope Innocent to Jerome
    Letter CXXXVII. From Pope Innocent to John, Bishop of Jerusalem
    Letter CXXXVIII. To Riparius.
    139 Letter CXXXIX. To Apronius.
    140 Letter CXL. To Cyprian the Presbyter.
    141 Letter CXLI. To Augustine
    142 Letter CXLII. To Augustine.
    143 Letter CXLIII. To Alypius and Augustine.
    144 Letter CXLIV. From Augustine to Optatus
    145 Letter CXLV. To Exuperantius.
    Letter CXLVI. To Evangelus.
    147 Letter CXLVII. To Sabinianus
    Letter CXLVIII. To the Matron Celantia.
    Letter CXLIX. On the Jewish Festivals.
    Letter CL. From Procopius to Jerome.
    403 2 K. 6,18–23.

    424 1 K. 4,33.

    707 XXVI).

    747 XXX., XXXI.

    1191 LXX.

    3121 (@1S 15,35 1S 15@,

    3165 (@2S 12,13 2S 12@,

    3173 (1R 21,19, @1R 21,23 1R 21@,
    3174 (1R 21,27–29).

    3275 (1P 3,20, @1P 3,21 1P 3@,

    3358 F. P., I. 1, 8.
    3359 F. P., I. 2, 6.
    3360 F. P., I. 2, 7.
    3361 F. P., I. 2, 8.

    3365 F. P., I. 5, 5.
    3366 F. P., I. 6, 2.

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    3787 1 S. 16,7.

    3846 (@1P 2,22 1P 2@,

    3850 R. V.

    3879 (@1R 22,19 1R 22@,

    3947 (1S 15,11, @1S 15,17 1S 15@,

    3973 (@1S 15,11 1S 15@,