The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus
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1 Chapter I.—Occasion of the Epistle.
2 Chapter II.—The Vanity of Idols.
3 Chapter III.—Superstitions of the Jews.
4 Chapter IV.—The Other Observances of the Jews.
5 Chapter V.—The Manners of the Christians.
6 Chapter VI.—The Relation of Christians to the World.
7 Chapter VII.—The Manifestation of Christ.
8 Chapter VIII.—The Miserable State of Men Before the Coming of the Word.
9 Chapter IX.—Why the Son Was Sent So Late.
10 Chapter X.—The Blessings that Will Flow from Faith.
11 Chapter XI.—These Things are Worthy to Be Known and Believed.
12 Chapter XII.—The Importance of Knowledge to True Spiritual Life.