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Tobit's Youth and Virtuous Life
Taken Captive to Nineveh
Courage in Burying the Dead
2 Tobit Becomes Blind
Tobit's Wife Earns Their Livelihood
3 Tobit's Prayer
Sarah Falsely Accused
Sarah's Prayer for Death
An Answer to Prayer
4 Tobit Gives Instructions to His Son
Money Left in Trust with Gabael
5 The Angel Raphael
6 Journey to Rages
Raphael's Instructions
7 Arrival at Home of Raguel
Marriage of Tobias and Sarah
8 Tobias Routs the Demon
Wedding Feast
9 The Money Recovered
10 Anxiety of the Parents
Tobias and Sarah Start for Home
11 Homeward Journey
Tobit's Sight Restored
12 Raphael's Wages
Raphael's Exhortation
Raphael Discloses His Identity
13 Tobit's Thanksgiving to God
14 Tobit's Final Counsel
Death of Tobit and Anna

Nova Vulgata - Latín
Biblia del Pueblo di Dio (BPD) - Español
Vulgata - Stuttgart 1969 - Latín
Bíblia Sagrada Ave-Maria (1957) - Portugués
La Sainte Bible (Crampon 1904) - Bretón
CEI (1974) - Italiano
EinheitsÜbersetzung der Heiligen Sc - Alemán