Isaías - Revised Standard Version (1966)
Isaías: en torno a 740-680 a.C. 1-39 El Libro del Juicio 1-12 Mensajes de las amonestaciones y promesas para el pueblo de Dio (6: La llamada de Isaías) 13-23 Juicio conentre las naciones 24-39 Mensajes del juicio y de las promesas40-66 El Libro del Consuelo. Los Cuatro cantos sobre el siervo sufriente del Señor: 42:1-6; 49:1-6; 50:4-9; 52:13-53:12."


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The Wickedness of Judah
The Degenerate City
2 The Future House of God
Judgment Pronounced on Arrogance
4 The Future Glory of the Survivors in Zion
5 The Song of the Unfruitful Vineyard
Social Injustice Denounced
Foreign Invasion Predicted
6 A Vision of God in the Temple
7 Isaiah Reassures King Ahaz
Isaiah Gives Ahaz the Sign of Immanuel
8 Isaiah's Son a Sign of the Assyrian Invasion
Disciples of Isaiah
9 The Righteous Reign of the Coming King
Judgment on Arrogance and Oppression
10 Arrogant Assyria Also Judged
The Repentant Remnant of Israel
11 The Peaceful Kingdom
Return of the Remnant of Israel and Judah
12 Thanksgiving and Praise
13 Proclamation against Babylon
14 Restoration of Judah
Downfall of the King of Babylon
An Oracle concerning Assyria
An Oracle concerning Philistia
15 An Oracle concerning Moab
17 An Oracle concerning Damascus
18 An Oracle concerning Ethiopia
19 An Oracle concerning Egypt
Egypt, Assyria, and Israel Blessed
20 Isaiah Dramatizes the Conquest of Egypt and Ethiopia
21 Oracles concerning Babylon, Edom, and Arabia
22 A Warning of Destruction of Jerusalem
Denunciation of Self-Seeking Officials
23 An Oracle concerning Tyre
24 Impending Judgment on the Earth
25 Praise for Deliverance from Oppression
26 Judah's Song of Victory
27 Israel's Redemption
28 Judgment on Corrupt Rulers, Priests, and Prophets
29 The Siege of Jerusalem
Hope for the Future
30 The Futility of Reliance on Egypt
A Rebellious People
God's Promise to Zion
Judgment on Assyria
31 Alliance with Egypt Is Futile
32 Government with Justice Predicted
Complacent Women Warned of Disaster
The Peace of God's Reign
33 A Prophecy of Deliverance from Foes
The Land of the Majestic King
34 Judgment on the Nations
35 The Return of the Redeemed to Zion
36 Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem
37 Hezekiah Consults Isaiah
Hezekiah's Prayer
Sennacherib's Defeat and Death
38 Hezekiah's Illness
39 Envoys from Babylon Welcomed
40 God's People Are Comforted
41 Israel Assured of God's Help
The Futility of Idols
42 The Servant, a Light to the Nations
A Hymn of Praise
Israel's Disobedience
43 Restoration and Protection Promised
44 God's Blessing on Israel
The Absurdity of Idol Worship
Israel Is Not Forgotten
45 Cyrus, God's Instrument
Idols Cannot Save Babylon
47 The Humiliation of Babylon
48 God the Creator and Redeemer
49 The Servant's Mission
Zion's Children to Be Brought Home
50 The Servant's Humiliation and Vindication
51 Blessings in Store for God's People
52 Let Zion Rejoice
The Suffering Servant
54 The Eternal Covenant of Peace
55 An Invitation to Abundant Life
56 The Covenant Extended to All Who Obey
The Corruption of Israel's Rulers
57 Israel's Futile Idolatry
A Promise of Help and Healing
58 False and True Worship
59 Injustice and Oppression to Be Punished
60 The Ingathering of the Dispersed
God the Glory of Zion
61 The Good News of Deliverance
62 The Vindication and Salvation of Zion
63 Vengeance on Edom
God's Mercy Remembered
A Prayer of Penitence
65 The Righteousness of God's Judgment
The Glorious New Creation
66 The Worship God Demands
The LORD Vindicates Zion
The Reign and Indignation of God

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