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    Topic : Priest / Holy Father / Apostolic Let.

    Priest /Holy Father /Apostolic Let.
    Ad tuendam fidem
    By means of this Apostolic Letter promulgated "Motu Proprio", certain norms are inserted into the Code of Canon Law and the Code of Canon Law for the Oriental Churches.
    Document (27 Kb) JOHN PAUL II

    Priest /Holy Father /Apostolic Let.
    Apostolos suos
    Document (51 Kb) JUAN PABLO II

    Priest /Holy Father /Apostolic Let.
    Ordinatio sacerdotalis
    Ordination to Priesthood, through which the Office entrusted by Christ to the Apostles to teach to, sanctify and rule on the faithful is transmitted, since the beginning has always been exclusively reserved to men in the Catholic Church. Therefore, as His Holiness said, to eliminate any possible doubt concerning a very important issue which is relevant to the divine constitution of the Church, by virtue of my ministry to strengthen my brothers (see Lk 22:32), I declare that the Church has no faculty whatsoever to confer priestly ordination to women. This sentence is to be held as definitive by all the faithful of the Church.
    Document (7 Kb) JOHN PAUL II

    Priest /Holy Father /Apostolic Let.
    Tribus circiter
    Encyclical ON THE MARIAVITES OR MYSTIC PRIESTS OF POLAND - To pass judgment upon or to rebuke the acts of Bishops does not at all belong to private individuals--that comes within the province only of those higher than they in authority and especially of the Sovereign Pontiff.
    Document (8 Kb) PIUS X

    Priest /Holy Father /Apostolic Let.
    Litteras a vobis
    Encyclical on the Clergy in Brazil
    Document (8 Kb) LEO XIII

    Priest /Holy Father /Apostolic Let.
    Document (10 Kb) LÉON X

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